Take Two

Some stories last forever
with fairy tale happy endings,
leaving the readers with a sigh

Ours was written
in scribbles and question marks,
leaving them wondering why

There are chapters
I would have wished deleted,
instead I read and cried

Perhaps a re-write
could be possible,
are you willing to try?

When you’re ready
to re-enact our parts
I’ll be standing by

LScott © 2013

27 thoughts on “Take Two

  1. Wow!
    I can relate to this very much, in a certain way
    Beautiful writing Lauren
    Makes a lot of sense
    I like the distinction between a fairytale story and one with question marks… that’s the difference between fantasy and reality.
    Although it all begins with a fantasy, until life suddenly wakes one up from the dream!
    Love this very much!
    Thumbs up Lauren!

  2. There are chapters
    I would have wished deleted,
    instead I read and cried….


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