Dear Dad,



Your beloved wife has been with the angels
Your time has now come, our hearts ever faithful

For you wear your wings now, as you soar beside Mom
Two more angels in Heaven, as we play your song

Swaying to the oldies, you both loved to dance
The timing is now for your second chance

Lauren Scott 2017
(Today is the two-month anniversary of my Dad’s death. The
grieving process shifts from one stage to another. It’s still with us –
we miss our parents, but knowing they’re together again grants us
comfort and peace. These are just two photos of many more that
will be cherished forever.) 💕

Take Two

Some stories last forever
with fairy tale happy endings,
leaving the readers with a sigh

Ours was written
in scribbles and question marks,
leaving them wondering why

There are chapters
I would have wished deleted,
instead I read and cried

Perhaps a re-write
could be possible,
are you willing to try?

When you’re ready
to re-enact our parts
I’ll be standing by

LScott © 2013