24 thoughts on “Hi There! :)

  1. chattyck

    Hola… Love your poetry.  I am sorry that I don’t send any replies. How are you all doing?  Sue and John are going on vacation with us in Oct. Mazatlan. Mexico.  

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    1. Hola, Cathy, no worries, but it’s so good to see ya! We’re doing great and we were just down there visiting with Sue and John last week. Sorry we missed you! That’s great you’ll be together in October; wish we were going, too! 🙂 Give Charlie a hug and take care! xx

    1. I wouldn’t touch that bone, either, Soma! Although, he may look intimidating, but is so very lovable. Did I tell you he thinks he’s a lap dog? Literally, he’ll sit on your lap. It’s pretty hilarious considering he weighs almost 80 lbs. Anyway, thanks for saying he’s cute. I’ll let him know! 🙂 Hugs to you! xoxo

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