26 thoughts on “Advice from the Expert :)

  1. Lots of Thoughts Mister Copper 🙂 xxxxx
    ❤ ur too cute for words and i will take your advice anytime xo
    Something about his eyes that melt me !!!!!!!!!
    hugggggs xo C

  2. Hi Copper!. You’re going to win with the great wits that you have, but mostly from your eyes. Don’t forget to grab that yogurt on your next winning move.

    Great post, Lauren. It’s a great reminder to think before we do. 🙂
    Love and hugs xxx

    • Aww…thanks, Deb! Cat just loves his eyes, too, and they are pretty amazing. I wish the yogurt wasn’t in the photo, but I couldn’t “delete” it, so used it anyway. I’m sure he would love it, but it’s not for him! 🙂 I’m glad you liked the message, too, about thinking before doing…much love and many hugs to you for a wonderful Sunday! xoxo

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