Bananas (reblog) :)


Swinging from the chandelier

I’m overwhelmed from toes to ear
I know it’s time to walk the frog
Can’t just sit, type and blog
I’d love to dye my hair bright red
Did you hear what I just said?
Reaching for the coffee cup
Time to fill and pet the pup
In the wind, I feel so free
Would you like a cup of tea?
I’d love to swim and read a book
It’s five o’clock, what shall I cook?
Staring at the vacuum cleaner
I wonder why the fish are meaner
Planets aren’t aligned, at all
Let’s go shopping at the mall
I could talk and talk for miles
but only if you share more smiles

© LScott 2012
Photo: Google Images

(I need a dose of “silly” today, how about you?)

25 thoughts on “Bananas (reblog) :)

  1. Hahaha, loved this, Lauren! A huge grin on my face now as I begin another day of unpacking here in my new apartment – and it’s much more fun putting my things out than packing them up … just as painful, but at least it’s fun. Thanks for the silly smiles today! ~ Love and hugs, Julie xoxox 😀

    • Aww…I’m so glad I could bring smiles and laughter into your days of getting settled, Julie! I agree with you, too; it is more fun unpacking then packing them up, especially the kitchen stuff! Love and hugs to you, too, and take care, my friend…xoxo

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