In Loving Memory of Mom

When I think of Mom, I think pink
Cherry blossoms in the spring
I think elegance and grace
and I envision her beautiful face
Her smile would warm others for miles
When I think of Mom
I’m saddened to know
I can’t call her and hear her “hello”
but I can see her
clearly as the garden from my window
and each day she graces my memories
while my love for her grows

© LScott 2012

Mom ~ June 1921 – February 2012

A Tribute to Moms ♥

Making everything perfect with her loving care

She’s an unselfish soul and always “there”

Under her wing is abundant warmth and comfort

She shelters with grace to avoid any hurt

Like a rose, her beauty shines forever

Unlike its lifespan, her love never withers

She exemplifies a rainbow, beauty of many colors

Bold for self confidence, pastel for helping others

She cares for people, before putting herself first

Her heart’s full of kindness, joyfully eager to burst

With a butterfly’s elegance, she floats from task to task

Her smile continues from early dawn to dusk

She’s a daughter, sister, lover and friend

A gentle spirit and shoulder unto the end

She’s an angel on earth; her spirit is divine

She’s a lovely blessing and truly one of a kind

© LScott 2012

This is in loving memory of my Mom,
who passed away in February, to
my Mother-in-Law, who has
been missed for 20 years now,
a tribute to my sisters,
as they are wonderful Moms,

and to all the beautiful, hard-working Mothers
in the world~

Wishing you all a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Lauren ♥


A Loving Tribute to Mom 1921-2012

I wrote this poem for my parents in honor of their 57th Anniversary.
They both loved it…

This month would have been their 67th Anniversary; 70 years of being together.
She passed away early this morning, peacefully, with Dad by her side.
She’s no longer in pain and suffering, but we will miss her very much
and Dad lost the love of his life~
This is my tribute to her, a beautiful woman,
who loved her Husband and her three Daughters very much.
She loved this poem, which is why I’m re-posting it in her honor~
“You will forever be in our hearts, Mom”


1945 was special for two, a wonderful year.
It was February with memories held dear.
The wintry air enveloped the day,
Hearts full of love warmed their way.

The music played on as the others were anxious,
For the moment beginning was so very precious.
Then turning around, they catch a glimpse
of a beautiful woman escorted by a prince.

Her walk was so graceful down the carpeted aisle,
She wore a dress of white satin and an elegant smile.
He stood there admiring her shimmering beauty
In his Air Force uniform, standing with dignity.

They were blessed with God’s word, the foundation
for their future.
He would guide them, direct them, and lovingly nurture.
Then they turned to their guests as Husband and Wife~
Roles they’ve played for most of their life.

They’ve attained much knowledge with smiles and tears,
Experiences just for them through all these years.
Now 57 years later as Grandparents to seven,
Age ninety-something and healthy, living in sheer heaven.

Is this so rare, a marriage forever?
  57years of best friends to each other!
Pour in the crystal and sip the wine,
For this can only happen Once in a Lifetime.

© LScott 2012