Silent Knight – Haiku

Human hazardous

actions cause unthinkable

harm; strong will to live

Allow me to introduce to you Silent Knight…
a Sea Lion of strength and courage,
who endured 5 bullets to his head,
leaving him blind in both eyes.
Instead of giving up the fight,
he now happily thrives on life in the local zoo,
with the help of kind-hearted humans nursing him back to health.

This is only one heartwarming story of mammals struggling to live
after human’s thoughtless and heartless acts of violence.
All of the stories touched and tugged at our hearts~

37 thoughts on “Silent Knight – Haiku

    1. Thanks, Christine, I got teary-eyed for both of us. I’m glad this is somewhat of a happy ending and that he’s doing fine, even without his sight. It breaks my heart knowing how cruel humans can be to helpless animals of all kinds…thanks for stopping by. I’ll be over your way soon! xx

  1. I just want to hug Silent Knight! What a magnificent spirit he has! Thank goodness for his loving caretakers and healers. Let us STOP injuring these precious co-citizens of our planet!

  2. Francina

    lovely Haiku, Lauren. I’m happy to hear the Sea lion survived. Us human are in lot of cases not the animal’s best friend as we should.
    Ciao, Francina

  3. What a mixture of emotions – so sad but also happy that he survived. I haven’t heard of this happening to sea lions but it also happens to seals around here. I wonder if it’s the fishermen doing it since they see sea lions and seals as competition for the fish. Sometimes, the world is just too sad. I don’t see how anyone could ever shoot these loving, magnificent animals.

    1. I agree, Sheila, it’s beyond heartbreaking,but, as you said, I’m happy he survived and is doing great, even without his sight. There were so many to choose from for us to “adopt” so we’ll probably go back and do this again…it makes you feel good that you’re doing something for the “cause.” 🙂

  4. Julie Catherine

    “Silent Knight” – what a wonderful name for this beautiful creature! Man’s inhumanity to man, animals and nature is often powerfully tragic … but so can his kindnesses be powerfully beautiful and healing. This brought tears to my eyes; a perfect Haiku, my friend. ~ Love, Julie xoxox

  5. I mostly feel sad and dismay to all who don’t know how to respect the life of our animals, I am hats off for those who help silent Knight to recover, this is a powerful haiku my friend…

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