It’s not what you think
My dreamy state and
Light-weight feeling
have me reeling
but it’s not you
(don’t stand too close, please)
I’d love a breeze

and my words don’t tumble
my feet don’t stumble
because of you
(I repeat)
It’s not what you think

I don’t take a double blink
(when you saunter by)
No, you don’t catch my eye

Where do you
get these notions?
(as though my heart’s been sprinkled
with love potions)
Of course, you’re not to blame
don’t be so vain

I’m feeling a bit flushed
(oh, my, how you make me blush)
Check my temperature, would you?
I must make do,
but I think it’s the flu
Oh, maybe, baby, it IS you!

© LScott 2012


36 thoughts on “Electricity

  1. Who says that the notion of denial can’t be romantic? You proved that wrong here….this was so impassioned and I love the place in your emotions from which you wrote this from….bravo, Lauren!

    1. Thanks so much, Soma, it’s funny…the title almost was “Denial” but that sounded too blah…anyway, I’m glad you chuckled and thank you for your kind words, my friend~ xoxo

    1. Thank you, GJ, and I’m honored to have inspired you, too! You made my day! I’ll be over your way soon; I’m following you, but I don’t receive your new posts…thanks so much and have a wonderful day!

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