Father’s Day Haiku ♥


For your nurturing

and laying the foundation

We celebrate You!

Happy Father’s Day to
my Dad (we know Mom’s watching over you),
my Father-in-Law,
my Husband and the many
“fathers” in my family.

I love you all more than words can say~
and to all the Father’s around the globe,
may you all have a wonderful day!

Photo credit: Google.com

18 thoughts on “Father’s Day Haiku ♥

  1. Lauren – Thanks for your ‘celebration!’ Bringing you girls to maturity was a real challenge- and without your Mom I would have been lost. Luv ya, Dad

    1. I know, three girls, I’m sure we were a handful, but, of course, adorable, Dad! 🙂 And yes, together, you and Mom made a special team. Love ya, too, and she’ll always be in our hearts~

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