The wind blows
around the corner
touching the man’s brow
His suit pressed to perfection
He smoothly slides into his posh car
and drives away

The bird’s cheerful song
complements the woman’s aura
as she busily chats on her cell phone
Her pencil skirt fits snugly
while she confidently hails a taxi

Across the street
Staying warm with his
old, worn beanie
and thin, weathered coat
huddled against the cold
brick wall,
He watches
and wishes

© LScott 2012

33 thoughts on “OBSERVATION

    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked this one; the idea of how we’re all different, some lives are great and others are struggling, seemed like a good contrast to share~
      Here are the keys for the copyright symbol: ALT key with 0169 on your right key pad…

      Thanks again! 🙂

  1. oh my gaw Lauren…the images here invoke all kinds of feelings within me. How unaware we are of what’s right in front of us…wishing and hoping. Well done my friend!!

  2. I love it Lauren, a sad but true snapshot of life, a testimony to the world we have created, of haves and have nots, something we all have to accept, apparently, a by-product of being ‘free’!!!… Great that you draw attention to it.

  3. Lauren, you are such a dear, caring, giving, compassionate, and Christian soul! This is one of the best things I have ever read about class contrasts! I wish this would be written above the Wall Street skyscrapers, you know?

  4. Julie Catherine

    A very well written and thought-provoking poem, Lauren. Sometimes, in these days of self-indulgence and throwaway technology, we need to be reminded that there are people who suffer and are in need; those who are homeless and who go hungry, with nothing to call their own, and no one to care for them. I wrote three poems about this that will be in a homeless anthology being published some time later this year – it’s a subject that is very important to me. Your poem is excellent. ~ Julie xox

    1. Thank you so much, Julie, and I would love to read your poems (congrats, in advance)…can you direct me? There is so much focus on having the latest piece of technology these days. This seems to be of importance and I think about all those who are struggling and how trivial our “wants” are compared to those old beanies and weathered coats! Hugs to you, my friend xo

  5. three different lives in the same time frame and yet so different from each other..Lauren you have captured the life so beautifully in this poem….marvelous creation
    hugs and love 🙂

  6. Blood-Ink-Diary

    “He watches and he wishes” — such a poignant feeling, what lovely way to end the poem. As always, dear Lauren, your poetry shines! keep penning, my friend. Hug. S

    1. Thanks, PJ, it does touch on a different subject, but I felt the need to share the contrasts around us..hopefully, someday, things will be better for those who are suffering~we can only pray…

  7. way too many people
    huddled against cold brick walls these days ….
    we need to remedy this situation as soon as possible.
    thank you for this extremely urgent reminder Lauren,


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