Early New Year Wishes :)


There were…
high points to this year
low points to bear
tears to dry
from reasons to cry
lessons to learn by
adventures to try
demons to fight
wrongs to right
resolutions completed
some deleted
but looking back
we see the impact
another year of living
the gift of existing
So accelerate in high gear
no invite for fear
Pour the bubbles
forget your troubles
Clink and Chime
Celebrate Big Time!

Lauren Scott © 2014

One year later, I share this poem again
with sincere wishes of a wonderful, joyful,
productive 2015 for you all
and a safe celebration for ringing in the New Year!

With love, Lauren

See you next year! ♥

Dear Friends,

It’s been a busy time now with our daughter home from college for the holidays and hubby and I are enjoying our full house again with her and our son! So I haven’t been online as much and I’m sorry for missing your wonderful posts. I always feel really bad when I can’t stay caught up. Anyway, this will be the last one for me for 2013. However, I’ll still try to visit blogs when I can..
I won’t completely fall off the radar! 🙂

I wish you an abundance of love, peace, laughter and many new wonderful memories during this holiday season. And a big “Thank You” for your visits, as well as, for supporting the arrival of my debut poetry book. I appreciate all of you!  Sending many hugs, much love and I wish you a safe and Happy New Year, too!
I’ll see you in 2014! ♥

copper by fireplace at Xmas

May this holiday find you smiling
Enjoying priceless times with loved ones
Rejoicing in the birth of our Dear Savior
Realizing your blessings and finding peace
Yearning for the Holy birthday of the year
Caring for others who need their spirits lifted
Hosting family and friends in cozy get-togethers
Remembering, any act of kindness is truly a gift
Imagining the festive spirit throughout the New Year
Seeing the delight and wonder through a child’s eyes
Taking time and letting God’s loving light shine through you
Making magical moments that will turn into precious memories
Allowing yourself tranquility in the midst of the seasonal chaos
Silently saying a prayer for those who are in need of God’s healing grace

Lauren Scott © 2011 (re-post)
Photo: Our Lovable Lab, Copper,
enjoying the warmth of the fire…♥

Ringing in 2012!

It’s no surprise 365 days
have come and gone
in the blink of an eye
We wonder and ponder over time spent
and how it went so fast
Some days passed at a snail’s pace
but we seem to race the clock
on the good ‘ol days

If you believe in resolutions,
though, this is no substitution,
Let’s write a new creed…
Enjoy each day to its fullest
not thinking about tomorrow
Don’t borrow the future
Embrace the present
and repent, if you must
Learn to trust more often
Allow a new door to open
and relationships to deepen

Of course, this is a recurring creed,
yet, it fits for each year,
Don’t you agree?
So, let’s try again, My Friends,
with champagne, clinking glasses
and celebrations in the masses
No matter your new goal
Let the New Year roll in
with Smiles, Aspirations,
Hope and Inspiration~

Cheers and Happy New Year, Everyone!

Copyright 2012