Seven “X” Seven Link Award

This took me by surprise, but I’m very appreciative of my nomination from two wonderful friends, Autumn & Gabby,  Thank you both again!  Your poetry and stories add magic to my life, create more smiles and laughter, even some tears, but it has been truly wonderful getting to know you two awesome twins! 

As with most Blog Awards on WordPress there are stipulations that must be met upon acceptance of the coveted award. So, with the 7X7 Link Award the first thing you have to do is tell something about yourself that nobody knows.  Hmmm…

This is something I really don’t think about anymore, since I’m well over toddler’s age 🙂 but, I do have a vertical scar on my forehead, about an inch long.  It appeared after cracking my forehead open when I was around 2 years old, after running right into the corner of two walls! Ouch!  Who knows what I was thinking, other than obviously not watching where I was going, while running around, having fun.  I don’t have any other memories (a good thing), but I pretty much have worn bangs all my life.  I’m more comfortable with them and maybe,  just maybe they cover the scar, a little.  🙂

Now comes the 7X7 links to my pieces I feel are worthy to link up:
(more stipulations to the award)
Most Beautiful Piece:
Most Helpful:
Most Popular:
Most Controversial:  I don’t believe I’ve written any controversial…
Most Surprisingly Successful:
Most Underrated: (this is actually entitled “Unknown”)
I wrote this to honor my son’s friend who took his own life at the precious age of 14~
Most Pride Worthy:
Next step to the 7X7 Award fulfillment is to nominate 7 bloggers (in no specific order) who I feel deserve the honor and hopefully haven’t already received it.  If you have already received this, please forgive me…I just had to…! 🙂  Additionally, to choose only a few from the many wonderful blogs I’ve come to know is a very difficult task.  The blogs below are simply wonderful; they have moved me by their words of art and photography, so I do hope you visit them soon.  There are also many, many others I truly love, who have inspired and touched me, as well.  








Congratulations to all of you, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!

14 thoughts on “Seven “X” Seven Link Award

  1. Hello Lauren!! as you know I love your site!!! You keep me smiling all day long Lauren … you have no idea how much I need to smile these days… So thank you for your continuous joyful poetry and haiku to keep me joyful!!! It means a lot. So I am giving you the Kreativ Blogger Award… because your work is definitely creative… so beautiful. Sending hugs to you Lauren. I hope your Holidays are full of love and joy!!! Details on my site.

  2. Caddo Veil

    Congratulations, Lauren–another surprise under your tree!! (And tinged with sadness–I’m so sorry for the loss of that young man; unbearable pain for everyone.)

    I’m so pleased for you to enjoy the blessing of this recognition! See you soon!

  3. Hi Lauren!
    Congrats on your award! You certainly deserve it! And thank you for nominating me too…I am honored!
    With all the holidays at hand, it may be a bit before I get a post up for it though…I know you understand.

    Have a Merry Christmas!
    Hugs, Deb xx

  4. Dear Lauren,
    Congratulations and also a big thanks to you for nominating me..

    I believe you are the most deserving, being so versatile and meaningful.
    A true inspiration for a amateur like me.
    also here’s wishing you Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

  5. Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for your “congratulations and very kind words!” I’m taking quick peeks at my blog, as we’re getting ready to leave to see my family (so excited), so I’m thanking you all with one big hug! These awards are definitely humbling and surprising, but they also give encouragement to improve in the future! Happy New Year and see you all soon! Blessings, Lauren 🙂

  6. Elle.Tea.Emm

    congratulations!! you are a great writer!! your poem ‘Unknown’ that was written about your son’s friend was actually the very first LScott poem i ever read. it is so touching and really grabbed my heart. i’m not surprised to see it in your list above.

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