She made humble resolution
hen she found out the news
ears leisurely rolled down her face

 How must one feel
hen they hear those words…
ccept them with heavenly grace?

 In one way, she acknowledged
y speaking to God with an open heart
knowing her life was not a waste

 Yet, not ready to give up the fight
nd passionately shaking her head
he was prepared for this unthinkable race

 She trusted God, but, was faintly bemused
His way was the right way)
not yet, was she parting
for a higher place

 So with infinite love from her family
With incredible support from her friends

She fought with a smile and embrace

 Though, after some time of following rules
nd playing this game with tenacity
er body tired and couldn’t sustain the pace

 Thus, saying farewell to her loved ones
was given angel’s wings
for her new life of eternal happiness

Another door opens…

In loving memory of family and friends
who have passed away~

Copyright 2011


60 thoughts on “ANOTHER DOOR OPENS

  1. Had tears in my eyes remembering the loved ones who left me. your work never fails to touch heart..beautiful
    …remembered what someone told me and i spread this message since..
    when ever you feel a pleasant cool soothing breeze in midst of scorching hot summer or the air around gives you a warm snuggle in winter remember the loved ones departed gave you a hug, smile for they just smiled too.

  2. Through golden doors
    Adorned as gates
    There goes a path
    To be revealed
    To those who mourn
    And those who wait
    Forsworn to love
    As one, and sealed

    Lovely words as always, my friend. Your work is divinely beautiful with such grace and warmth as one might expect from a soul so kind. Lovely

  3. parrotlvr

    Wow, Sis! Your thoughts come from the heart as you reminisce about loved ones who are with our blessed Lord now in the best place!

  4. BlueGem

    Ahhh Lauren, your work never ceases to amaze me. You are so fluid with words!!! Grief is never easy but your words give so much hope.

  5. This is beautiful. I’ve been enjoying your poetry in the last few posts. I’ve just written two poems of faith, which is something I don’t do all that frequently. I appreciate your style and I’m trying to grow in my ability to express my own. I wonder if you would read my most recent compositions? I would love some feedback/critique.

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