Thank you
for the person you are
for the compassion you show
for the goodness in your heart
for the part you play in my life

 For all you’ve done
the listening, the helping, the caring

 Our phone calls
can’t compare
to the chance of sharing
a lunch or a coffee
Wouldn’t that be better?

No matter the distance
there is no resistance
when it comes to loving you

These words are simple
Yet, honest and true
Even through
the rhythm and rhyme
I cherish the
times I’m with you

 Throughout our lives
our families have grown
Who would’ve known
we’d be so blessed
I’m at a loss for words now
You know the rest

 What else can I
possibly say or do,
a simple,
I Love You!

To my two wonderful sisters.

Copyright 2011

29 thoughts on “NOTE TO SIS

  1. Lauren, I was never blessed with sisters,only have one younger brother. However, I AM blessed with several very close, longtime friends who are like sisters to me. Such beautiful thoughts you shared here! Thank you!

  2. I wish I had a sister to whom I could share this with. How wonderful to be blessed with sisters that you along with. Lucky you! And thank you so much for thinking enough of me to nominate me!

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