New Trust

We hand you these

But please be careful

Crazy drivers out there

And we care about you

Use the signal to turn

Our concern is immense

Lane changing may be obscure 

Be secure in your senses

When in reverse, check your mirror

Don’t let fear cloud your vision

In rainy weather, slow down

Clowning around isn’t clever

Safety is vital

in this new endeavor

The car is yours tonight

Lauren Scott © 2011

8 thoughts on “New Trust

  1. How I can relate. Thank God my son now owns his car and is no longer on my insurance because he recently got married. Perhaps I can now finally climb out of the parent’s debt black hole!

    1. Good for you, Sandra! I’m not quite “there” yet! We’re still funding the way, but, it’s part of the parenting path and we love it. However, looking forward to the phase your son is in, too! Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  2. Been there done that 3x’s and let me tell you it didn’t get easier…as a matter of fact, it became the hardest with my daughter, who is my youngest and just recently too!!

  3. Lovely work.
    I too can relate.
    I kept the candles burning when children came back with the car intact past curfew.
    I got the phone call when 2 sons had crashed my van, but not to worry ‘it wasn’t our fault mom!’
    My husband and I always tell each other during these trying times, duck and cover.
    Love your blog.

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