Spillwords Press Author of the Month for May!!

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Thanks to your generosity and time, I was voted Author of the Month for May on Spillwords Press!!!

I’m excited to receive this honor among so many amazing writers! Thank you to Dagmara K. and her team for providing this literary site for authors to share their emotions through words. I’m thrilled to be a part of this community!

A Big thank you again, dear friends, for your vote and wonderful support, and for visiting Spillwords to read my poem, “Toots and Circles.”

I wish you a fabulous day and weekend ahead! ❤️❤️

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Spillwords Press publishes “Toots and Circles”!!!

Dear Friends,

Spillwords Press has published my second poem today , “Toots and Circles” and I am honored to have my writing featured on their site again!

This poem evolved one morning when a friend in nature woke us up with its morning greeting just before our alarm sounded off…

Toots and Circles

Perhaps he was a Western Screech Owl
that I heard outside our bedroom window
in the early darkness before the sun
fashioned its glorious arrival.
I cannot say with conviction,
but it is certain he proclaimed his presence
with his high-pitched toots.

But what I really want to know…

You can read the entire poem here

And I”ll be grateful if you head over to Spillwords and click on the heart to “like” the poem. 😁 I’d even do a happy dance if you’d leave a comment, but of course, you’ll need to create an account and log in. I won’t ask you to do this since we are all inundated with user names and passwords. One can hope though!
Please know your time and support is greatly appreciated if you choose one of these options.❤️

Thank you again to Dagmara K. and her team for accepting my submission. I am thrilled to the moon and truly gratified!

I hope you enjoyed my poem, and I wish you many miracles in nature! ❤️

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