Crazy in love with the man you are,
not who you want to be,
doubting yourself, constantly
I comfort you
you’re the true match for me

I wish you could feel
when you steal a kiss
how dizzy I become
I’m still stunned at the effect
you have over me
My heart flutters
when you take me so blissfully

I offer you my hand,
walk beside me through life,
calm your mind and understand
as sure as the shore meets the tide
Our souls

Copyright 2012


Singing with the birds
outside the window
Belting out the words
in the acoustical shower
in or out of tune

Dancing barefoot
on the blanket of grass
Flying beside the butterflies
Humming with the buzz
of the bumble bees

Floating with the stars
Riding the Milky Way to Mars
Swinging on the moon
from one crescent
to the next

What a world of bliss
if we could all experience
this magical happiness

Copyright 2011


Those bedroom eyes…
It’s in the stare
before the leaning
A little heavy breathing
Mesmerizing to the core
Sweet, in slow motion
An electric pull
Tingles stirring
to curling toes
Body heat rising
in a warm embrace
Roaming hands
Wildfires spreading
Melting beyond reason
Head spinning
Global tilting
Magically unforgettable
Blissfully memorable
Sinfully intoxicating
Simply delicious
When lips unite~

Copyright 2011


In the beginning…
She never believed in love at first sight
Until he entered her lonesome world
So blissfully in love with her good-looking guy
She was the luckiest girl around

She saw only perfection in his brawny demeanor
His dashing smile enlightened her soul
He was charming and wonderfully masculine
She was completely head over heels

Then dark clouds loomed, her world was tilting
She often blamed herself; her love wasn’t enough
His character transformed in a wicked way
Crushing and bruising her spirit

He took advantage of the simplest things
He had to prove the power was his
She showed no feeling when the pain began
Means to escaping consumed her mind

She forgave at first, assuming his behavior had lapsed
Never thinking it would return again
She was raised to absolve and so she did
Not knowing his love would turn evil

In the present…
She completes the dinner prepared for him
And concludes with a silent prayer
Remaining calm, though unsure of his mood
Her emotions won’t freeze by fear

He walks through the door like a gentleman
And greets her with his meaningless kiss
She serves him his meal on their china
“How was your day?” he, carelessly, asks

She laughs at his absurdity,
But not for him to hear
She mustn’t provoke an angry attack
She must train her reactions to be still

With his stinging words and brutal hands
He’s pounded her into the hardened ground
Maybe weakness clouded her vision
Not allowing the truth to be seen

But, as sure as she was taught to absolve
She had a choice to be smart and proactive
Thus, for self respect, she’ll seek the light
So she can watch the sun rise on the other side

Copyright 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

A Big Thanks goes to for nominating me for this award. I am very honored and humbled to receive this nomination and again, thank you pryncessyndrome, for taking your time to visit my blog!  I have enjoyed your blog, as well, and look forward to reading more! 🙂

And the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award is :

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.
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3. Share 7 random things about yourself.
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1. Singing was my passion when I was younger and my dream was to sing professionally.

2. I love the outdoors; enjoying nature, hiking and camping.

3. I love to write, which is now my creative outlet, but have never had any formal training.  Maybe in the future?  Until then, I’m writing and   reading as much as I can and always learning.

4. Walking is my main form of exercise.

5. I still miss my beloved dog, Lucky Girl.

6. I love to bake and look forward to making all the Christmas goodies this year (soon, actually).

7. I’m not afraid to act goofy and I laugh at my own jokes! 🙂

Now, it’s time to nominate 15 bloggers:

I believe all of these blogs bring something different to each of us.  They are all unique, inspirational and entertaining.  I look forward to visiting each of them more in the future!   Additionally, I would like to thank them for making my blogging experience a wonderful one!   Lauren 🙂