Tears fall into a pool
on my pillow
while my mind attempts
to join my body
for an evening of rest

It’s not the best night
for a mutual agreement

Instead, my stomach
entertains a live
basketball game
where thoughts dribble
and strategy is weak

The score, you ask?
It’s looking like a blowout
not in my favor

but I now see the sun
peeking into a new day
I’ve made an appointment
to get my attitude colored

I believe highlights of
optimism would be an
appealing change

then I’ll start to pave
a new path and
be on my way

LScott © 2013

Copper, Our New Family Addition

Please Welcome, Copper, the chocolate lab!
He’s 18 months old, very lovable, cuddly,
calm and gentle. He needs to put on a few more pounds,
but other than that, he’s healthy and just a big, goofy boy!

We’re adopting Copper on a trial basis,
with hopes
of keeping him, if all works out.
We hope it does because we’ve all just about
fallen in love with him.
Lucky Girl will remain

in our hearts, but the timing is right
to start new again

with another canine friend.

We’ll be in an adjustment period and I’m already behind
in reading blogs, because of “doggie” searching.
So, my
time may be limited, but I will still do my best to visit you!

 I hope you understand and I wish you all a wonderful,
peaceful Wednesday! xo

Lauren 🙂