Blushing Leaves

I am short in height
a little thick in middle
stress-free maintenance

every other month
dunk my roots in cool water
they’ll dance in delight

stodgy short stature
decked out in handsome fashion
sturdy in nature

I’m adorable
according to my owner
my leaves are blushing


This little guy was a gift and my first thought was “he’s adorable!” His Latin name is Ficus Ginseng, a young, indoor bonsai.
I’ve always loved bonsai but have never had one. Now, life is complete. 🙂
Hope you enjoyed these fun haiku.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by! ❤️

© Lauren Scott, – All rights reserved.

89 thoughts on “Blushing Leaves

  1. What a sweet poem, Lauren! I feel like it could lend its overall message of appreciation and gratitude and delight to more than plants, but I certainly love the look of your perfectly imperfect bonsai tree and the fantastic ending lines of this striking poem! ❤

    1. I couldn’t help but hold my breath until the end while reading your comment, Anneli. Then I could gladly exhale. 🙂 Any syllabic form can be challenging, but they are fun to try, and I’m glad you enjoyed this set. I was aiming for them to be fun. Thank you! 💞

      1. Lauren! You can’t imagine I would say anything negative about your poems. I was only wondering if I would be able to write something like this. It’s quite the undertaking. Mostly I stick to little fun ditties.

      2. I know you wouldn’t, Anneli. That was my self-doubt “speaking.” So sorry! And I have to play around with words/syllables too. They don’t come easily. And I love and enjoy your little fun ditties. ❤️

  2. Jane Sturgeon

    Love your bonsai and Haiku, Lauren. Wishing you a wonderful Birthday weekend with lots of fun and much love and hugs. xXx 💗✨🎂🦋🌼💓😘🌹

    1. Thanks so much, Jane, for all your wishes here and on fb. I had a great day yesterday and will share our adventure here in a few days. And more celebrating today. 🎉🎂
      Sending love and hugs to you, dear friend. ❤️🌻🦋🌺💝

  3. Lauren, your Bonsai is so lovely and somehow welcoming. I had several Bonsais in my previous abode and you have inspired me to get a new one.
    Got Aiplant for Xmas and my son gave me a big Peace Lily .
    You keep talking to your yours.🤗

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