Toots and Circles

Perhaps he was a Western Screech Owl
that I heard outside our bedroom window
in the early darkness before the sun
fashioned its glorious arrival.
I cannot say with conviction,
but it is certain he proclaimed his presence
with his high-pitched toots.

And what I’d like to know…

was he aware that just before
he sang his series of notes
our alarm would,
in a matter of minutes,
sound off in its circle’s ringtone?

And did he realize at this time
when most homes on the street
have not awakened,
we make our preferred dark roast
from old faithful Mr. Coffee,
then sit together in harmony
for soft conversation?

That this routine, though understated
for some, would not be the same,

would not provide the equivalent comforting
experience if one of us was not present?

I shudder to imagine such a scenario…

because this early morning moment commenced

with the toot of our neighboring friend in nature

is happening now,

and now is where I desire to be.

© Lauren Scott,

71 thoughts on “Toots and Circles

      1. Yes, for sure you will have to prove stuff. I am sure he will be back. They are the best and what a beautiful gift for both of you to enjoy the morning and for us to enjoy your poem which was so beautiful.💕

  1. I could relate to your words and thoughts Lauren. We have such visits from an owl outside our bedroom window, he sits on the pine tree and makes lovely calls, which are sometimes answered by his soulmate. They sound magical.

  2. Exactly, my dearest Lauren… now. Treasuring the moments we’re living.
    How wonderfully written. Don’t you just love those toots?! 😉
    Sending many hugs and wishes for a beautiful weekend.

    1. Yes, the moments we’re living, the here and now, and those toots are magical. Thanks for your lovely words, Marina. Once I heard “him” the poem unfolded. 🙂 Sending hugs and love back to you for a wonderful weekend. ❤️🦉❤️🦉❤️

  3. Lauren, I had to look this up. I like owls. And YouTube provided sound. Trilling sound. Western Screech Owl. 👏 A distinctive sound they said. And such a small bird! Love it.
    Your poem has so much heart. You must get up so early to be in its company. How lovely you captured couple-hood in your poem. I just adore you for that. Great poetry. Great topic.
    This line made me gasp: if one of us was not present? I shudder to imagine such a scenario… thanks for sharing this loveliness and pointing me to remain in NOW! Xoxo

    1. Thanks for your lovely and insightful comment, Selma. I love owls too. They are beautiful! Yes, we get up early these days, but our mornings are not rushed because of our coffee time we share. This wasn’t always the case when the kids were around. But there are perks to when they leave the nest to spread their wings. So, mom and dad’s routine and schedule shifts and there is beauty in those changes. I know we don’t live forever, but to think of these moments without my hubby, well, I don’t want to think about. Anyway, I’m so glad you loved this poem, and that it was a reminder to live in the here and now. Stay well. Hugs xo

      1. Thought I’d tell you about our littlest owl out in these woods.
        I’ve never seen owls out on our nature-bathing walks. But late at night when nothing’s moving— not even a mouse— but me, soaking in the 🛀 I hear the consecutive hoots of owls. But only in the summer: it’s an unusual/rare owl native to Okinawa–Southernmost Island of Japan and it loves the humidity of the mountains in this area. A Ryukyu Scops (konohazuku) Owl. The smallest owl of Japan.
        Rumor has it that it’s such a special owl that it’s believed to bring good luck to the person who hears that call.
        And so I am. Lucky!
        Always living in the now. Paying attention and living with reverence. Just like you. Bless you. Xoxo enjoy your evening 💕

      2. I’m so glad you shared about your amazing little owl, Selma. I’m sure it’s beautiful and adorable, and if hearing its call brings good luck, well, what else could you want? 🙂 Lucky you are and paying attention, that is key. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day tomorrow. 💗🌼☀️🌞🌻

    1. Thanks so much, Marie. Your words warm my heart and I’m glad you felt the message in mine. Live in the here and now…and yes, our mornings are very peaceful. The kids are chasing and living their dreams, spreading their wings, so we can make changes. Imagine that! 🙂 Empty nesting is tough on the heart, but there has to be perks.
      Sending love and hugs to you in France from CA. ❤️

  4. I can forgive and even appreciate the owl call but we had a flock of guinea fowl in India that would wake us at 4am and they didn’t last long as visitors. It was like having a marching band wake us. 🙂

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