Other Worlds

Wealth comes in many
fabulous shapes…

Hardbacks, paperbacks,
they sit on the shelves,
waiting patiently
for their pages to be turned,
the simple, blissful touch,
but some rest with elation
knowing their stories
and poetic thoughts
have been liberated,
pages dog-eared for
another reading,
the words having
touched a chord.
Seams of the bookcase
stretch like stitches
in too-tight jeans.
The bookcase itself
bulges like a belly satisfied
from a hearty meal.
I feel excitement of a child
wandering through a toy store
when I peruse new
for the shelves…
Is it fair to own so many
captivating adventures
and poetic musings?
Quiet moments await
for me to immerse
into those other worlds…

© Lauren Scott, baydreamerwrites – All rights reserved.
Photos: just a few from the bulging bookcase.

51 thoughts on “Other Worlds

    1. That’s true, Ian, but I’m old school I guess because I don’t have a kindle and still love to buy books, mostly paperbacks because they’re easier to hold. 🙂 I love collecting them like some collect mugs or stamps from the olden days. I can read ebooks on my Mac though and I will if they’re the only option. Happy reading!

  1. Awesome and Fantastic Poem Lauren. You truly are the best in poetry and I like the way your mind thinks when writing poem blogs.

    This one is like imagining and dreaming of a certain destination which can be found in books 📖📕. I love reading and these days I read like crazy. Reading is a world on its own and it comes in different shapes. A stunning post once again💯🔥🔥

  2. Lauren, this is such a beautiful and heart-warming poem all in tribute to beloved books! I get a warm fuzzy feeling as I read your words and the imagery is wonderful. I’m picturing the books packed in so that they make:
    ‘ Seams of the bookcase
    stretch like stitches
    in too-tight jeans.’ Just brilliant!
    I will never bemoan my burgeoning bookcases again rather be happy they’re replete … and enjoy adding more books to the party! 😀

    1. Thanks for your wonderful words, Annika, and I’m glad your outlook on your burgeoning bookcase will be different now. 🙂 I’m happy you enjoyed this ode to books! I read every day, and I can’t imagine a life without these other worlds. Have a great weekend and Happy reading! 💗🤗

  3. I know all about the bulging bookcase(s). I had to put all 3 of mine on diets.
    I felt I was hoarding books I’ll never have the chance to read again. Those have all gone to greedy readers, who will enjoy them. I’m sure they will over stuff their bookcases.

    Delightful prose and a neat read, Lauren. Thank you! xoxo

    1. “I had to put all 3 of mine on diets.” Love this, Resa, and I think mine is getting to that point. But I’m the greedy one! Eventually though, I’ll swap out to make room, and then others will have the chance to read those old books. The outcome is a good one. Thanks for your kind words! ❤️

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