Chilling Embrace

I have been embraced
by the chilling presence
of loneliness.

I have wondered
where the niche
designed for me
exists in this world
in which my breaths

I have waited
for the glow
to emerge
from behind
the shadows.

But when I take
that wise step
into the splendor
of nature,

listen to the trees
whisper their sagacity,
feel the flowing rivers
move my pain,
creating vast distance
between it and me,

I have been revived
by the compassion
that nature offers
so unselfishly.

Β© Lauren Scott, – All rights reserved.
Photo: Yours truly.

58 thoughts on “Chilling Embrace

  1. Lauren, how beautiful are your words here! I, too, have a profound sense of healing in the presence of nature. This is a subject that I hold near and dear to my heart for how nature inspires and influences what I write and how reassured I feel having been raised in the countryside and how much I quickly came to love all that nature has to give. So wonderful to see your words!

I appreciate your thoughts!

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