A Plea

I remember our conversation, effort to
calm emotions, phone glued to ear like

a natural extension. Her voice, exhausted…
“When will this be over?” She asked Dad

days later, more like a plea. He could be
gentle or travel the path of honesty. I don’t
know the words he pulled from his language

of a sixty-seven-year love…how he tiptoed
through the reply, though tenderly, I imagine,
since his heart was shattering into millions
of minute fragments. Her time was close.
Our awareness vigilant. Each day, another
breath held until the hands of time would
pause. Then as quickly as the sun fades
behind rolling hills, raindrops splash upon us.
She had ascended. Moments of memories
to follow. But not one day passes without
celebrating her life. Not one day slips by
without her knowing how much she is
loved and missed.

Lauren Scott (c)
Mom would be 101 today,
and since she loved her roses,
we dedicate this beauty for her.

40 thoughts on “A Plea

    1. Thanks, dear friend. We think of her always, but especially on June 30th. And that rose is perfect for her. She loved the garden and roses, pink was her favorite color. Hugs 💗💗💗💗

  1. Dear Lauren, you have immortalized your mother with this beautiful poem!
    I love roses with a passion and planted over a hundred in my garden.
    Thank you!


  2. Latmospherique

    This is such a beautiful and touching poem Lauren, for your mum, her memory in your heart forever.
    I love the rose and what’s linked to it!

      1. That’s special, Miriam, my sisters and I have some of Mom’s jewelry, too, so it’s very special as well. They are in our hearts forever. 💞

      2. Exactly, Miriam. I have two sisters and we each received special pieces. My dad gave me her wedding ring which I wear sometimes on my right ring finger in honor and show my love for her. Before he died, my he gave our daughter my mom’s pearl ring. Wonderful treasures and memories. 💕

      3. I think jewelry is the best thing to pass on, Lauren. They are treasures. I have ring and necklace sets. My fingers have arthritis and can’t wear the rings except my wedding ring. I can pass them on to my daughter right now. 💞😍

  3. Lauren, a powerful and beautifully written poem which I’ve read many times. Each poetic word touches the reader deeply. With eloquence and searing honesty, you write of your mother’s final moments, her plea, heartbreaking for your father and wow, a love that lasted sixty-seven years … and beyond. The wonder of your mother shines through in your love for her! hugs xx ❤️

    1. Thank you for your beautiful and insightful words, Annika. I remember that phone call vividly, and those heartbreaking details. My parents actually “dated” for 3 years while Dad was overseas, so their love truthfully spanned over 70 years in total. Their story is in my book, Letters in the Sky, and I wish they were alive to know. Hugs 💞

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