What’s on your list?

My favorite cake made by my son.

Family will always mean the most to me. But as I ride the waves of life, there are many things, and I use that word broadly, that have been significant throughout the years. These are just a few…

Those camping trips when the kids were young: swimming in sapphire-colored lakes and cooling off in sparkling rivers, listening to the them play in the tent – their imaginations leading the way. Sitting around the campfire: singing, laughing, roasting marshmallows. Not just college, but all graduations were joyful events. The dogs that became special family members. Patio time – the talking, the reading, the wine – the outdoor living. Happy blooms in the garden and the hummingbirds flitting about. Walking among Redwoods and the sound of ocean waves. Pinecrest for our 30th, Bodega Bay getaways, and backpacking into serenity. The most loyal friends. Relaxing motorcycle rides. Winter’s coziness: a crackling fire and glowing candles. Chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven and homemade carrot cake (a veggie in our home). Kissing and hugging. Songs that resonate. Acts of kindness.

Lantana smiles

And the list goes on…
Isn’t it wonderful that the list goes on?

Though we live under gloomy skies at times,
there is always sunshine waiting to peek through…

What would I read on your list?

Lauren ❤️❤️❤️
Carrot cake photos: My son
Lantana: Our garden
Gratitude stone: Google

48 thoughts on “What’s on your list?

    1. Thanks, Marina! I always appreciate your lovely words. And yes, it’s great that the list goes on. Sending hugs to you, too, for a wonderful weekend! ❤️💖💜🌺🦋

      1. Thanks!
        No worries. We find each other once in awhile! No stress, just fun! All is well here. Trust all is well where you are! xo ❤

  1. What a lovely list, Lauren, and I’m certain you could go on an on. There are So Many Things to be grateful for. Noticing them is the key to profound happiness. Your reflections brought up some of my own memories of wonderful moments. *Sighing with happiness*

  2. Oh, Wow! Carrot cake is my favourite and your son making it for you is even more special, Lauren. You describe well and take me down memory lane, camping trips with the kids. The best! The Lantana smiles are gorgeous. “Kissing and hugging….acts of kindness…” Fills my heart with warmth and gratitude. ❤️

    1. Thanks so much for your awesome comment, Erica, and I’m glad I could prompt a walk down memory lane for you. There is always something (and so much) to be grateful for, but it’s easy to lose sight during tough times. Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend! 💗💗

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