Dare to Discover

Zoom became an integral part of everyday language, and

Yes, learning something new is exhilarating – the

X-factor of life – acquire knowledge at every chance, for the

Well-being of humanity is the health of our world. But the

Virus caused the need for this communication tool – an

Unexpected fast-spreading, deadly pandemic, forcing

Tears and heartache to ensue around every corner.

Staying well by dodging fevers occupied frantic minds, but

Relief finally arrived because of innovative medicine.

Quality of life slowly shifts into a sense of normalcy, as

Promises of large, joyful gatherings bring excitement.

Optimism feels attainable, overcoming those worst fears,

Nourishing hearts and souls that have been patient, as we

Marvel at the hustle and bustle on downtown streets –

Loving the sights of mask-less faces with big smiles, but,

Knowing the threat has not dissipated. We are openly

Just aware that moving forward unharmed remains possible.

I, for one, exhale with reassurance, but even so, I carry

Hope closely for those who continue to suffer, and

Gratitude rests in my heart every day for all blessings.

Fulfillment manifests from a support circle of those who

Effortlessly carry us through uncertainty. So, forging ahead,

Dare to discover something you have missed through the slog.

Celebrate the community who has your back, for this is our new


At last!

Lauren Scott (c) 2021 ❤️
Photo is from our backpacking trip
to Spider Lake in the Sierra.
A new day begins…

36 thoughts on “Dare to Discover

  1. Z to A. These poems look so challenging to me, especially that X! And you did it. I love not having to wear a mask all the time. Still respectful and cautious, but the end is in sight! It feels wonderful. Thanks for the smile.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Diana. This was challenging, especially that darn Z and X! But Zoom was the first thing to come to mind, so it took off from there, ending with some sunshine. I’m doing the same as you, but there are circumstances where not having to wear a mask is so freeing. 🙂 💗💗

    1. I have been able to shed the mask in some circumstances, and being fully vaccinated, I feel relieved, and it is freeing. But unfortunately the world is not “there” 100%. However, the light is slowing beginning to shine through the murkiness. My hopes and wishes are parallel to yours. 💗

    1. I’m sure many are tired of the virtual option and long for hugs and being in the company of others. It’s happening slowly…thanks for stopping by and for your lovely words, Audrey.
      Happy Friday, my friend. 💗

  2. Without the rapid development of the vaccines, we would have been in much more trouble. At least now we have the hope of getting back to normal n the not too distant future.

    1. I’m happy you liked this ABC poem, Betty. And it’s so good to see you! Thanks for catching up and I’ll visit you soon, too. As always, it’s hard to keep up. :O All is good, but lots of changes. We’re officially empty nesters! Bittersweet though, but we’re slowly settling into our new phase. Hope all is well with you too. Sending hugs! 💗💗

      1. Good to hear back from you, Lauren. That’s hard, the empty nest thing! I can relate. Thank heavens for technology nowadays and being able to video chat, etc. That will hopefully take the edge off.
        Take good care, my friend. 🤗❤

  3. Wow!! What a creative piece of writing! I loved it. I too, am just waiting and hoping this pandemic leaves us really soon. ❤️🙏🎁🤗

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