Happiness Hyperbole

With all the stress, loss, loneliness, and changes to our “normal” routines 2020 has delivered, sometimes the thought of “moving” to the town of Hallmark sounds appealing. An escape where only happiness and love abound. At times, though, some of the movies are just a bit too predictable and perfect for even me. Still, if you’re in need of a deluge of joy, the Hallmark channel won’t disappoint. And I hope my little piece of happy Hallmark writing below brings a smile and a positive start to your week…

Out of a Hallmark movie

How heavenly to have home in Hallmark. A huge, humble harvest of happiness. The “happy” hyperbole hurries a headache. However, hear the harmony, harness the hope, humility, hospitality, and huggable humanity. The hummingbird’s hum is a highlight. Holiday honey, hazelnut, and Havarti heighten the hunger in the household. It’s happening! Heed the harmonious and heartwarming high spirits!!!!

A real town in Maine that looks just like Hallmark.
Two Hallmark favorites: Paul Greene & Candace Cameron Bure

Wishing you an abundance of happiness this week
and a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

49 thoughts on “Happiness Hyperbole

    1. I totally understand, Jill. Sometimes I just need an escape from world and U.S. events and the Hallmark channel provides that happy fix. 🙂 Thanks for your wishes and enjoy, too! 🧡🧡🧡

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Lauren! ❦❦❦
    This post is too, cute. I adore it! Lol! I know what you mean about Hallmark movies. I designed the costumes in at least 4 of them, one of the a Christmas movie! My brother-in-law calls it – the best Christmas movie, EVER! 🎄

    1. Thanks, Resa, and I’m happy you loved this post. And you designed costumes for Hallmark? Wow! I get more and more impressed with your talent and accomplishments! Can you tell me what movies they were in? I’d love to see them. Take good care. 🧡🧡🧡

      1. For sure I did 2 “Good Witch” Movies. “The Good Witch’s Charm & The Good Witch’s Destiny” I’ll have to recheck. I did a bunch of similar projects for Lifetime Network, and get them mixed up. I was asked to start the Good Witch series, but declined. xoxo

  2. A wonderful title, Lauren, that conjures up all sorts of images. Thank you for transporting me to a delightful town with your beautiful and creative words.❤️ It is difficult to believe how towns that look like Hallmark exist. I don’t know whether you have been to Harrison Hot Springs. We happened to be there when they were filming a Hallmark movie. Of course, Love was in the air. Thank you for today’s smile. ❤️

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Erica. I know, these towns are incredible, aren’t they? No, we haven’t been to Harrison Hot Springs. Where is it located? Actually, I’ll google it. 🙂 And how exciting to experience the filming of a Hallmark movie! And with you and your hubby, I think love is always in the air. I’ll add with my hubby, too. 😉 Happy to make you smile and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 🧡💗🧡💗

    1. Thanks, Diana, and I’m so glad you liked this happy post. Candace is great and Paul Greene is my Hallmark crush (hubby’s okay with it)! 🙂 Stay blessed and safe. 🧡🍂🍁💕

    1. A big thanks to you, Balroop, because after reading your comment, I realized I had included a big blooper in this post of which I corrected. So thank you! It’s amazing how something can be read a million times and an error can still be missed. 🙄 I’m happy to make you smile, too, and glad you enjoyed. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 🧡🍁🍂

    1. Thanks so much, Betty. This was fun to work on and I just wondered how many other people longed for a happy escape from all the 2020 turmoil. Our Thanksgiving was mellow but nice and hope yours was, too. Love and hugs to you, also, dear friend. xoxo

      1. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, Lauren. Ours was the same so, just the two of us. Very relaxing, though we do miss seeing our families. Hopefully this time next year things will be approaching normalcy. (Though a new normal, I suspect. )
        Take good care. 😊💗

  3. Thanks for the getaway, Lauren!

    It is good to take a mental vacation. I have been to Maine many times, although I have not been to Hallmark yet.

    I hope you and your family have a healthy, peaceful, and happy holiday season.
    Many Blessings,
    Lisa xoxo

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this Hallmark happiness, Lisa. I’ve never been to Maine but hope to visit sometime. Wishing you and yours the same for this holiday season. ❤️🎄🎅🏻

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