Her Offerings

Harmony lives in each flow of a breeze
In each gentle embrace of evergreens
The clear blue enchantingly shields
Let nothing stay concealed.

Blooms tender their affable smile
Leaves listen in for awhile
Birdsong soothes the whirling mind
A landscape perfectly designed

Nature’s lessons are plentiful
Shall our choices be flexible?
We are not ignorant to her offerings
Receive them for relief of suffering

A painting of beauty and brilliance
Mesmerizing even in distance
Can you deny the splendid view?
Allow serenity to fall into you

Lauren Scott (c) 2020
Photo: from our backyard

28 thoughts on “Her Offerings

    1. We do take her blessings for granted at times, so now is a good time to realize them and allow their magic to soothe. Thanks, Balroop, for your lovely words. 🌸

  1. This is beautiful and so serene, Lauren. I love the line, “Leaves listen in for a while.” There’s a gentle touch to that. I think nature is full of lessons for us and you captured that sense of care and kindness perfectly. ❤

  2. The ideal prescription for the times is a return to Nature, to her healing sights and soothing sounds. Nature is not a captive resource for mindless consumption but an abiding companion to rejuvenate sagging spirits. The expansive blue, lush greens, joyous blooms and birdsong in your poem bring out these aspects in striking images. Lauren, trust you are now fine and in good health.

  3. Mother Wintermoon

    Allow serenity to fall into you — this wisdom and beauty in this line took my breath away. Your energy and word artistry is a soothing balm for the soul. It’s a joy to visit here with you. Abundant blessings, MW 💖

    1. Your beautiful comment took my breath away, too. I’m so glad you feel this way while visiting here. I can say the same about visiting your site, as well. Wishing you a peaceful evening, MW. 🧡💜💚💗

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