A Covid 4th of July!

Since my husband and I had yesterday off for the holiday, we took a drive on the back country roads, stopped at a deli along the way for takeout sandwiches, then headed to one of our favorite parks. Our morning began early because we wanted to dodge crowds due to Covid. We were prepared, though, ready to social distance and sport our masks when necessary.

When we arrived, the park was already half full with patrons eager to enjoy this beautiful day – temperature in the mid-seventies, perfect. We pulled into a parking stall, and before enjoying lunch, we ventured onto the trails for a good walk. Surrounded by Redwoods and all that nature offers in this outdoor playground is nothing short of magical.

We embraced serenity while walking along the creek, but were saddened by the deserted camp ground. Empty sites dotted the road – the new reality. Aww, but look at the Redwoods and how tall they stood: Proud and Majestic! Soft ferns sprinkled along the trail provided visual sustenance. Oh, but if you don’t watch where you’re going, among the beauty lies something wicked: poison oak! Don’t let its radiant red bursts of color fool you! If you aren’t wise, you’ll pay the price. We gently moved past the pretty red leaves, careful not to let them reach out and grab us. Then we stumbled upon a Bay tree adorned in woodpecker art. Look closely at the trunk; isn’t the texture interesting?

The comfortable side note was that not many people were out. We donned our masks now and then when needed, but we felt safe to brave the outside world and visit this park before the holiday crowd showed up later in the afternoon. The sandwiches were delicious and time together outdoors is always special. Time for reflection and a chance to chat about life without distractions – only the trees bend to listen to our whispers, and the leaves sway in the breeze, as if to wave when we walk by. This was a wonderful prelude to our Independence Day festivities this year when things are so strange and surreal.

To celebrate today, we’ll take a walk in the cool morning before the sun warms us up. We’ll enjoy the deer as they saunter by in the neighborhood. We’ll give thanks that Covid hasn’t touched anyone we know and love. When the clock strikes five o’clock, we’ll enjoy wine on the patio and our son who lives at home will join us. I’m thankful to have at least one of my children home to hug, even if he is 6’2” and 25 years old. Then Matt will perform his grilling magic for dinner. We’ll make it a good day because we’re employed and healthy. We miss our daughter and son-in-law in TN, but thanks to Facetime, we’ll see them this afternoon. Will this July 4th be memorable? It sure will, but not in a way that was intentional. And we’ll think of those who have perished and whose families are hurting and struggling to make sense of it all.

I wish you all a Happy 4th of July, too, in spite of the pandemic we’re living in.
Love and virtual hugs,
Lauren 💗

41 thoughts on “A Covid 4th of July!

  1. Lovely images Lauren… it’s nice to look at Mother Nature, she is always ready to give. Enjoy July 4 with gratitude. When we count our blessings, we know we have all.

    1. Thanks, Balroop! Visiting this park is like entering into a whole new world. It’s gorgeous and peaceful and you’re right about Mother Nature’s generosity. We are having a great day so far while I’m taking a quick break to reply. 🙂 Enjoy your day, too! 💕

  2. Matt Swalberg

    Honey, Your words are true. Taylor Park is a wonder land. Your post catches it perfectly. Happy 4th to all!😎💙🇺🇸

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  3. Thanks for that relaxing post Lauren, lovely to read the enjoyment that others find while undergoing these frustrating times. Sadly not looking good in my State of Victoria, rest of Australia doing okay but incompetence in my state has very real repercussions to all of Australia, cheers and keep smiling.

    1. Thanks so much, Ian, and I’m so sorry to hear how Victoria is not doing well. Current times all over the world and in our country alone are shaky in many ways and it’s scary and unsettling. One day at a time is how we live because who knows what tomorrow may bring, good or bad. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you and truly appreciate your encouraging words. Take care, my friend…

    1. Thanks, Betty, you would love this park. It’s one of the most beautiful parks I’ve seen. I’m glad you enjoyed the walk and wish you a good Monday. Back to work for us today. 🙃❤️🥰

  4. A fabulous post, Lauren! I’m glad you enjoyed the 4th. It was quiet here, as our sons and their families each kept their distance from us. Our youngest son said someone at work tested positive, though he doesn’t work in the same dept. Photos of everyone’s celebration were shared and there was facetime. I sure hope this is gone by next summer. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day. Love and hugs.

    1. Thanks, Michelle, and I’m glad you had a good day too even via FaceTime, same with us for the kids in TN. I’m also happy that your family kept their distance because I know many who are gathering and it baffles me as to what they’re thinking. That’s good your son isn’t in that Dept. But it’s scary, isn’t it? The way this virus transmits and we may not even know we have it. Anyway, one day at a time in this new normal. Wishing you a great start to your week. 💗💗💗

    1. Thanks, Sue! Silly to share, probably, but it’s such a strange and unsettling time for all of us, so it’s just about showing how nature can bring contentment. Sending you the same. 🌷🌼🌻😊💕

  5. Hi Lauren, Interesting how “sport our masks” is becoming a mainstream phrase. I actually do not know what poison oak looks like. I just now Googled poison oak images. Yes, time for reflection without distractions. You bring up many great points on how lucky we are when our loved ones are all right. Yet, concerned about many families. Enjoyable photos of the outdoors and your hike. Thank you for sharing. Virtual hugs back to you.💕

    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment, Erica, and I’m glad you enjoyed this. Yes, don’t run into poison oak, you’ll definitely regret it. It makes you itch so badly that you could easily go crazy. I had to wear gloves to keep from scratching. This pandemic affects everyone differently. For us, things haven’t drastically changed, and so far, we’ve stayed healthy. For others, the narrative is more devastating. One day at a time and hoping the vaccine comes sooner than later. With how Covid transmits so easily, I’ll be in line. Thanks again for your kind words and virtual hugs back to you! 💗

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