38 thoughts on “Still

  1. Love your poem, Lauren,

    The stars are always there, waiting to cheer us. Sometimes, we need to wait out the clouds. Once they empty their tears, blue skies reappear. And come evening, the stars glitter for us again.


    • Thanks for your feedback, Jane. I wrote this about someone close to me who is living in hard times right now. I pray everyday for comfort, healing, and suffering to end. Thanks again, dear friend ❤️❤️

    • I agree with your insight, Balroop, and thanks for the love and hugs, too. But this is inspired by someone dear to me who is going through some hard times. Hugs and love back to you, my friend 💕

  2. I hope that your friend for whom you wrote this wonderful poem is soon going to have better times again, it’s so hard watching people we love suffer. Xoxo ❤

  3. I think often our hearts can break, when we allow our minds to stray… Learning to create our own realities is the key. One where Love is in abundance and may we all continue to hold the stars in our eyes.. ❤

  4. A powerful poem, Lauren and I feel the heartache and pain within the words, the strength of love holding all together! Without that love, facing difficulties nearly becomes unbearable. Xx ❤️

    • Thanks, Annika, and you’re right, without that strong love, facing difficulties would be just about unbearable. She’s doing okay, but each day is a challenge. Hugs, my friend…xoxo

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