Emotional and Awe-Inspiring

Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce that Betty’s book, Skipping Stones, is available again on Amazon. There was a glitch, but all is fixed now, and here is the link to my introduction post where you’ll also find my review of her amazing book: https://baydreamerbubble.com/2018/07/01/skipping-stones/. 

Skipping Stones cover

The photo for the cover was taken by her son, Jason, and is absolutely stunning. Doesn’t it entice you to explore the magic and depth of her writing inside?

Here is the convenient short link for Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/yccscdzk, and if you haven’t already visited her blog, I encourage you to pop over. She is an amazing writer, so all it takes is one click on the link below, and you can also purchase a copy by clicking on the book image on her right sidebar. 


As stated by Candice Daquin, “Albright’s voice is pure and deep simultaneously, and she writes using the dichotomy of human gravitas, fancy and folly, and our enduring relationship with the natural world as her quill.”

Thank you again for reading and for supporting Betty’s writing.
~Lauren ❤❤❤

7 thoughts on “Emotional and Awe-Inspiring

  1. Lauren, thank you for going to the trouble of posting this update on my book. You are so kind, and I look forward to the day when I can reciprocate – when you publish your next book.
    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. ❤️😍

    1. You’re welcome, Betty! I wanted to make sure everyone knows your book is now available. And I do try to be kind sometimes. 🙂 Thanks also in advance for reciprocating. It’s not quite ready, yet, but I’m plugging along slowly. Much love and many hugs, my friend, and I wish you an abundance of success with Skipping Stones, too! 💙📚🧡🕊💚🎶

  2. Don’t mention Amazon & Glitches to me!! 😀😃 I am so happy everything is sorted for Betty and her beautiful book – it must have been a worry and stress to have it all sorted!

    1. Haha, I know, right? You’ve had hands-on experience. I think it was a little of a nail-biting adventure, but it’s good that everything is working now. 🙂 Thanks again, Annika, for your support! xoxo

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