What I learned in ER

1. That life’s course can change in a heartbeat.
2. That we need to be advocates for our loved ones when it comes to medical attention.
3. That I can find calmness and strength when it’s needed.
4. That we need to have faith in medical personnel.
5. That nothing is black and white.
6. That my faith in God has waned.
7. That asking why doesn’t bring answers.
8. That all I know is that I don’t know anything.
9. That “one day at a time” is no joke.
10. That sitting in the emergency room while the power went out was beyond spooky (even though hospitals have generators). And it happened twice.
11. That I commend medical staff wholeheartedly.
12. That even though we were there from  11:30 pm to 4 am, we survived.
13. That being a parent involves much more than changing diapers.
14. That even as children grow older parenting doesn’t end.
15. That worrying does no good but manages to surface anyway.
16. That the future still remains unknown.
17. That the last time I screamed at God wasn’t the last time.
18. That the feeling of helplessness is indescribable. 
19. That since this event, time hasn’t stopped. Life goes on. We move forward.

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” 
~ Albert Camus

“Tears shed for another person are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of a pure heart.” 
~ Jose N. Harris

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

~ Maya Angelou

***Thanks to all who read this. Its purpose isn’t for sympathy, rather for therapeutic reasons. We all have stories of sorrow. But on the opposite end of sorrow, there is joy for many reasons, along with strength, optimism, and perseverance – the reason I ended with these great quotes. Sometimes, we just have to pour our hearts out, though, so thanks again for stopping by. And may you also find strength, optimism, and perseverance in any struggles you’re experiencing. ❤




37 thoughts on “What I learned in ER

  1. Heartwarming quotes to finish with and they give us strength and resilience. Lauren, it sounds like a terrifying time for you in ER – I hope everything is okay now. It is always traumatic, but so much more so with one’s child. hugs, my friend xxxx

    1. Thanks so much for your comforting words, Annika. This ER visit wasn’t the first, and it won’t be the last. For some reason, it made me think though, about the past and the future. She’s better for now, and I appreciate the hugs. Sending much love to you..xo

    1. Another world, you’re right, Marina. Things are better, but unfortunately, it won’t be the last visit. Thanks very much for your thoughts and love. Sending big hugs to you. xoxoxo

      1. Oh, you are too sweet, also! I try to stay strong – most of the time I am. But sometimes…:( Smiling now, though, because of your comment. Big hugs, my friend! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Tric, for your comforting words. She’s better, but it’s ongoing, which is tough. This visit just made me think more deeply, and I took some time wondering whether or not I should share my feelings. That’s why I added the disclaimer at the end. 🙂 Hugs to you xo

      1. I was wondering if it was your daughter. Glad all okay for now, but it’s not easy. Best not to look too far into the future sometimes, it can stop us living in the present. (Easier said than done sometimes)

  2. Going to the ER is always a very difficult time, and very stressful when you have to wait hours. Even then, you may not get the answers you need. I hope things have improved since then.

    1. Your description is spot on, but we survived. Things are better, but unfortunately, it’s an ongoing situation. This time I wrote down my feelings and decided to share them after much debating, not wanting to sound like whining or complaining…thanks for your comment, Binky…

  3. Interesting that at this period of my life I’ve suddenly realized that life as we know it doesn’t go on forever. Either my wife or myself will go first. So it’s very important that one day at a time is made to be a quality experience for each member of the family and those we come in contact with. There will always be regrets, but they should be equalled by the joy of memories shared together and a hope beyond this life of being reunited in a better place.

    1. You have a healthy attitude towards life, Ian. One day at a time is our only way in this situation. I wish I could say this was our last visit to ER, but I know that’s not true. So, we try to stay optimistic most of the time, but we also allow ourselves some “down” time, too, as long as we get back up. I can’t lie and say all is fine. But, it’s better for now. Thanks for your comment, and have a good day…

  4. Oh, Lauren, my heart goes out to you. I’m glad to hear things are okay for now. Keep pouring your heart out to us. I’ve learned that support comes from everywhere – your family and friends, including your online friends, neighbors, and even strangers. People understand and don’t judge you. Don’t worry about God, he understands. I screamed and cursed at him. Refused to talk to him. I blamed him. And all the while he wrapped his arms around me and dried my tears. You and your daughter continue to be in my prayers as I pray for a good outcome. Lots of love and hugs, my dear friend.

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle. I know you understand, and my heart aches for you, too. Sometimes, I think that I’m burdening others with my problems. But then it feels good to share and get it out, you know? Then it’s really nice to get support like I’ve received. I’m still on the fence with God; I have to be honest. Thanks for your continued prayers, along with your friendship, love, and hugs. Much love to you, too. xoxoxo

  5. Yes, a trip to the ER can be very life altering and a wake up call for change too (it was for me, more than once). I’m sorry for your sadness and the issues you are facing Lauren. You are not alone though and that should bring comfort. Sending good energy and lots of hugs. Take care of yourself.

    1. Thanks so much, Geraldine, and it’s good to see you, too. We’ve had a few ER trips and there may be more, but all is fine for now. One day at a time. Hugs to you, also, and hope you’re well! ❤

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