The Teacher


Its canary boldness
rises up to the sun
alone, yet not lonely,
fearing nothing,
but wearing bravery
on each petal –
standing tall with
strength in lean
green attire, as if
soaking up the day’s
endless possibilities

Lauren Scott © 2018
(Inspired by a lone daffodil
in our yard.)


37 thoughts on “The Teacher

  1. Always loved the Daffodils in a forest behind our house in the Midwest. They almost had to push through the snow. They and the dogwoods blooming was a sign that winter was over. Nicely done, Lauren.

    1. Thanks, Betty! I’m glad you liked this and its positive messages. Our days have been in the 70’s here and sunny, so it’s felt like spring. Though, I’m sure we’ll get a little more winter soon, too. The weekend was great, and now back to Monday again (so soon). 🙂 Have a good day! Hugs back! xo

    1. At least we have plenty of beautiful snowdrops and round these parts we are also well past the “green specks perking their tips above the soil” stage. Not seen any croci yet but that may be where I’ve (not) been looking. 🙂

  2. Beautifully written, Lauren! I too never fail to be awed by the bravery of these solitary flowers, daring to bloom through the cold days and nights,bringing hope of Spring soon to come! I love your final thought of

    ‘as if
    soaking up the day’s
    endless possibilities’

    Perfect! 😀🌻

    1. Aww, thanks, Annika! That’s exactly how I felt when I saw our solo daffodil pop up in our yard. It’s amazing how flora can be just as inspiring as the fauna. 🙂 It definitely feels like spring here for the last week, sunny and in the mid-70’s. But we need more rain now, too, to lessen the fire danger. If it’s not one thing…anyway, thank you again for your lovely comment, and I’m glad you liked that last line, too.
      By the way, I’m reading your book now and love it! Give me some time to finish, though, because I’m juggling several things at one time. I will tell you that I do love the cover. It’s eye-catching and magical. Love and hugs! ❤🌼

      1. After reading your post I went to check on my daffodils – the poor things are the shortest I’ve ever seen but in bud…still hope for the ‘canary boldness’! Yeah! So happy you’re reading and loving my book! Now I’ll be smiling all day. I totally understand about juggling lots of things but of course would love to hear your thoughts about the book when you have a chance. Many thanks for your comment about the cover – that means a lot and lovely to know. Hope you find the stories just as magical. hugs xxx

      2. Hopefully, their canary boldness will shine through soon. 🙂 I will definitely get back to you with my thoughts on your book or leave a review on Amazon, if you’d like. I also know the stories will be just as magical as the cover. Hugs back! xo

    1. Thanks, Bette! I’m so glad you liked this one. That one bright flower offered a lot of inspiration, and thanks for sharing, too! By the way, do you share on your blog or another venue? Have a lovely day, my friend. 💕🌼🌻

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