The Face, The Hands

You give yourself
only to be shelved
then we cast the blame

Our excuses fill
lost pockets
of what could have been

Are we too self-absorbed
to realize your worth?

Our respect is overdue,
but is it so delayed
that we can’t see

the value in you?

Lauren Scott © 2018

21 thoughts on “The Face, The Hands

    1. Thanks, John. I had something different in mind while writing this, but I like reading other’s perspectives, too. And after reading it again, I can see those other viewpoints. 🙂 Good thought about value, too! Have a good weekend!

  1. Lauren, this makes me think of how younger generations view the elderly…. not appreciating their wisdom, putting them “on the shelf”. Don’t know if that’s what you had in mind but it’s where my thoughts went. Nicely expressed theme!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. I like your interpretation, Betty, and can see that in the poem. You’re right about the elderly, a sad reality. I actually wrote about a different subject, but that’s the beauty of some poetry, how it can offer various meanings. Thanks always for your insightful and lovely comment, and I wish you a great weekend, as well. By the way, hope your back is better, and we have sunshine. Hope you do, too! Hugs ❤

      1. Interesting all the different interpretations you’ve received. You’re right, that’s the beauty of some poetry! (And also what Ben said!) Someday maybe you’ll reveal what you actually had in mind?
        My back is better – thank you for mentioning it. (Good days, bad days.) Glad you have sunshine! It’s been overcast here all day. But at least there’s more light now each day! 😀 I love this time of year when spring is coming. Enjoy your weekend! ❤️💞

      2. I’m glad your back is better, Betty, and I agree with you on lighter days and this time of year, love it, too. Not sure if I’ll reveal; why spoil the fun? 🙂 But it is interesting because I only saw my interpretation while writing. Then after reading the comments and re-reading the poem, I could see the other meanings. Anyway, have a peaceful Sunday. 💖💖

      3. Guess that’s one of the fun things about writing poetry: we learn from our own poems after they’re filtered through the perspectives of our readers!
        Hope you’ve had a relaxing weekend, Lauren. 🌼💕😊

    1. Another wonderful angle, Ben, so thank you! When I wrote this, I had something in mind that others haven’t touched on. Instead, it’s been enlightening to read the other various viewpoints.

    1. I like that interpretation, Ian. Although, no one, yet, has touched on the subject I had in mind while writing this. At the time, I didn’t realize there could be so many other interpretations until I re-read it again myself. That’s the beauty of poetry, though. Thanks for chiming in!

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