I wanted to get away, be a
chameleon, feel my
soul dance to some loud
tunes, sip on something
soothing and cool,

but I could feel your eyes,
just like before, when they
had the company of your lips
and hands. I didn’t want to
react to you again. My mind

was reeling as you willed me
to look your way. I ignored
the current. I wasn’t going to
be swayed by your gaze,
but I couldn’t disguise

the excitement inside.
My body was acting alone,
not listening to logic, but
needing to fulfill the hunger
for you. So maybe I simply 

stopped thinking too much,
or the music sent me into a
world of lust, for when you
tapped my shoulder and I
looked up, I fell deep inside 

your pools of blue. There
was nothing I could do –
No one could save me,
not even You.

Lauren Scott ©
(a re-post from my first
collection of poetry,
New Day, New Dreams)

24 thoughts on “Surrender

  1. Oh Lauren, I love this! There’s something delicious about that kind of magnetism. And succumbing to it…😍
    Hope you’re having a good Sunday. (It’s near 60° today here, which is crazy!) Enjoy your evening. 😁💕

  2. Steamy!

    “My body was acting alone,
    not listening to logic, but
    needing to fulfill the hunger
    for you.”

    Hmm. Or maybe it had something to do with that
    “sip on something
    soothing and cool” 🙂

  3. Wow! Lauren, this is so powerful, the force of attraction intense and inescapable. Lush and delicious read and so glad you published it here. (BTW my paperback is all done and just waiting for Amazon to put it on now – 3 to 5 days!!)

I appreciate your thoughts!

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