If You Believe

dolphin in the waves 

Have you wished to fly
in the big blue sky,
soaring with angels near
and feathered friends so dear?

Think how incredible to swim
in the ocean on a whim,
with a chummy dolphin
and the biggest grin

Imagine strolling in a meadow
with a butterfly show
or tiptoeing amongst the stars
to the music of guitars

Lend an ear to what I propose
Close your eyes, twinkle your nose
Cross your arms, blink three times
Twirl around, you’ll hear the chimes


Lauren Scott © 2017
Photos: Google
(I thought a smile would be welcomed
to end the week. This is revised from
several years ago, and I’m wishing you a
fabulous Friday and weekend!)


26 thoughts on “If You Believe

      1. I jumped down two flights of stairs with a towel for a cape like Superman or Batman when I was 4. I did not get hurt but the beating mother gave me with the giant Sicilian wood salad spoon still hurts. She had absolutely no appreciation for my courage and knowledge of aerodynamics and astrophysics. I was decades ahead of my peers.

  1. Behind that wide smile
    Lurk bully boys and killers
    Heart believes, eyes see

    Sorry that my haiku is a bit of a dampener. But I watched a documentary regarding the social behaviour of dolphins. Quite revealing.

    1. Hi Eric, I know if dolphins are threatened, they have been known to kill sharks, but I’ve never heard of them randomly bullying. I think I’ll choose to believe that they’re friendly and sociable. 🙂
      Have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks for your enchanting comment, Raja. I love “beautiful flight of fancy.” Someone could use that in a poem. 🙂 I hope you’re doing well, and I wish you a wonderful week!

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