they wander with grace
ears alert
grazing occasionally
complaints unfounded

they were first
time buyers in the
changing times
head-on, they meet their demise
one more point for man

Lauren Scott © 2017


18 thoughts on “Territory

    1. Wow, thanks, Scott! Your words made me stumble back a few steps, but in a good way. I’m glad you liked this poem, and you know I appreciate your encouragement, too. Before I click on that publish button, I read my poems a million times, hoping they’re okay. 🙂 Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

  1. Several years ago on one of my walks through a new housing development I came across a group of puzzled builders standing outside a partly completed home. They were talking and pointing so I went over to greet them. It appears the head male of a tribe of kangaroos had gone inside the house and wouldn’t let them come in. Some of these kangaroos can measure seven feet at a stretch, there are different varieties and they can do a lot of damage with their claw. I suppose he was reclaiming his territory.

  2. Terrific poem, Lauren…man is encroaching ever more on nature’s habitat – I love the idea of the animals as first-time buyer’s in the neighbourhoood! Pity their voices are not heard.

    1. Thanks, Annika…we often see deer walking down our street, and while some neighbors complain about their gardens being eaten, I love these graceful animals. They were here first, and no, we’re not leaving, but knowing “we” trespassed does tug at the heart. 💗

  3. So deep and thoughtful, Lauren. Yes, we do claim more and more land for us and let those poor animals wonder where they should go and what they could eat. It drives me crazy just to think about it, how greedy we can be as a race, pushing out way through to more riches. I wish people would start to realize that what we do is wrong and do something about it. But as long as certain presidents rule the world there’s not much hope left and I’m afraid if what might become of us…
    Sorry for my ramblings, I kind of forget myself when things like this run through my head 😉

    1. Thanks, Sarah, and you’re not rambling at all. I’ve left long comments before, too, and still wish for that “delete” option once you comment on another blog. No such luck just yet though. 🙂 Anyway, I agree with all you said. We have deer around here all the time; they come from the open space at the top of our street. Many complain that they eat the flowers, but I don’t care. We do our best to plant deer resistant, and I view them rather as docile, lovely creatures. I won’t get into president rambling right now. 🙂 Big hugs, my friend xoxo

      1. Haha! Yes, such a button would be useful at times! 😂
        It must be so lovely to watch the deers and like you I would never mind them eating my flowers as long as they let me photograph them. 😄 Big hugs back! xoxo 😚💕

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