Visions from
yesteryear struggle
to remain
descending farther into

Is it right
to lighten the grip?
a moment
to weigh varied directions
path free of error

Lauren Scott © 2017
(This is another contribution for Eliot’s November Shadorma challenge.)

25 thoughts on “Evaluation

  1. “In doing good, avoid fame. In doing bad, avoid disgrace. Pursue a middle course
    as your principle. Thus you will guard your body from harm, preserve your life,
    fulfil your duties by your parents, and live your allotted span of life.” – Chuang Tzu.

    What happened to line 11 and its 7 syllables?

    1. Great advice from Chuang Tzu. And what can I say, Ben? A second pair of eyes comes in handy. I double-checked this a million times and still didn’t catch that. It’s corrected and now I gracefully bow and take a step back. 🙂
      Thanks again!

      1. You are not alone. Earlier today I noticed that one of the shadormas I posted recently had an error in it. (Now corrected.) Then later I saw that one I posted today had been cutnpasted with the final line missing. (Now corrected.) Big red face. 😳

      2. Oh my gosh, Ben, you are cranking them out. So, you don’t need any assistance. I, on the other hand, am digging for inspiration and suddenly fearing syllables. 😀

  2. Those are interesting statements that could take us in several directions. Memories/visions can make us happy, sad or at the extreme terrified. They may fade for a time but do surface to prompt these potential emotions.

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