This morning
I wake to the end

of a week
The sun will soon
join me
for the day to begin

But as I drink my coffee
and type these words,
people are fighting
for their lives
against ugly diseases

Homeless men,
women, and
are trying

not to freeze

As I relish
this moment
of peace,

strife is invading
many lives
without invitation

all around the world,
Our world

So I will not
take for granted

what others long for

Lauren Scott Β© 2015

(more thoughts than a poem)

41 thoughts on “Today

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  2. I love your poetry and tried to reblog it on my website. Unfortunately, it came on as if I’d written it. I tried to change that or remove it but so far haven’t been able to do either. Sorry, I will keep trying. I definitely thought it was worth reblogging.

    1. Thanks, Carole, and no matter how it shows up on your blog, the thought and gesture is greatly appreciated. I’m glad you liked this poem enough to share and I also appreciate your visit. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! β™₯

  3. a good reminder for all of us Lauren. I start each day with my gratitude list for that particular day, and include “simple” things like running water, living in peace, my good health…This is a lovely way to start my day, thank you! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Geraldine, and I do the same. It’s too easy to especially take the little things for granted, like running water. Thanks for your wonderful comment, my friend, and have a lovely weekend. Hugs

  4. These thoughts are so true and a reminder to us all not to take our lives for granted. During cold winters I think how luck I am to be able to turn a switch and have heat, cosy thick duvets, a fridge full of food. I used to feel a bit guilty even but now rather a certain helplessness.

    1. Thanks so much, Annika, and I completely agree with all you said. During the holidays is when I usually begin feeling guilty and helpless. Although I do have my simple ways of contributing, hoping they do help in the long run. Stay warm and enjoy your weekend!

    1. It’s all about being thankful each day, not just on Thanksgiving, and doing what we can to help others, even if it’s only a small gesture…Thanks for commenting, Sue, and wishing you a Happy Weekend, too! Many hugs! β™₯

  5. It’s a sobering time in history. People tell me the human race is on an upward evolutionary pathway. It seems to me we as a human race are hell bent on destroying ourselves and the earth along with it. We can however be thankful for the relative peace Western Democracies still enjoy in this crazy world at this time,

    1. I have to say it seems the human race is leaning more towards destruction than on the upward pathway, Ian…but I won’t lose hope, because if hope is lost then all is lost. And yes, as you said, we still have much to be thankful for and not on Thanksgiving or special holidays only, but on each new day…Thanks for your comment!

    1. Thanks, Scott! I find myself feeling guilty and helpless often, but I’m sure many are feeling the same way when they turn on the news. I agree with what you said, and I only wish we all would feel the same way…one love.

  6. So poignant and emotive a poem,dear Lauren!You have peacefully protested against all the wrongdoings and the atrocities worldwide.Take care,my lovely friend!Sending Love & Warm Hugs your way πŸ™‚ ❀ xxx

    1. Ahh, thanks so much, Doda. You’re such a sweetheart! Let us all continue praying for peace and you take care, too, my beautiful friend! I’m sending hugs your way…β™₯

  7. There is so much we have no control of. Life is challenging in so many ways.This season often fills us with feelings that feed our souls with sorrow, and compassion that we sometimes forget hope. Hope is something we should never forget. Hugs my spiritual sister.

    1. You’re right about everything, Kim, and I’m so sorry for replying late. I’ve been slacking in that dept. πŸ™‚ Anyway, we have to carry hope with us in our hearts and minds, if there’s nothing else we can do…Many hugs to you, too! β™₯

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