Above All Else

I can’t figure it out.

I’ve pondered and analyzed
to my heart’s discontent

and still, nothing makes sense.

I think I’ll take a walk
into the woods,
to be embraced
by the gentle breeze,
to be touched by

and I need to see the trees.
They have a keen sense
of awareness,

so I’m going to ask them.

Yes, the trees will know.

Lauren Scott Β© 2015

29 thoughts on “Above All Else

  1. That is where I go Lauren.. and after spending time among their branches, we come away feeling clearer of mind, even though we still do not make sense of the world.. I know the trees always heal my soul..
    Love to you my friend… Sue xx

    1. You said it perfectly, Sue; thanks for your insight. I find respite in the mountains and at the beach, depending on my mood. There’s something about the trees and the waves, their soothing ways and healing powers…Love to you, too, my friend…β™₯

  2. I am seconding Sue’s resonance of your poetic thought, Lauren, that a quiet walk into nature’s silence offers the best healing to many of life’s ills…xx.

  3. Lovely poem dear Lauren!You do commune with nature,my friend,and you are inspired!She is our Big Mother,our haven … Sending love & peace your way πŸ™‚ ❀ Doda xxx

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