When we were young with no worries 024







You are young now
and won’t be able
to understand
my innermost feelings

So many emotions
are felt with you;
the joy I feel when
I see you smile
and hear you laugh,
the pain I feel
when I hear you cry,
the warmth of your little
arms wrapped around me

I want to protect you
from harm,
shelter you from evil,
yet, life will bring
meant only for you
and I’ll have to
learn to let go

In the years to come
I’ll marvel in
each new change
I see in your eyes,
your voice,
your mind

All of us will do some growing
as we get older and
it will be a new adventure
of happiness and maybe
some sadness, too,
but it will all be worth
more than anything else
in the world

You are my precious gifts,
my sweet boy and girl

Please know in your hearts
I’m your Mommy now but
will always be your 
loving you more

every minute of
each day

When we were young with no worries 007







Lauren Scott © 2015
(written in 1999 and now
my sweet boy and girl
are soon to be 20 and
24 years old)


45 thoughts on “Motherhood

  1. What a beautiful poetry! My mother always says that I won’t be able to understand motherhood until I become a mother myself and I think it’s true.
    Happy Birthday to your kids in advance! I hope for you and your family to stay blessed.

    Much love,

    1. Thanks so much, Naima, and I think I agree with your Mom…you can’t really know the ups and downs, the highs and lows until you’re a Mom yourself and in my opinion, it is definitely worth it, but most importantly, at the right time in your life. Thanks for the birthday wishes, too! I can’t believe they’re this old. Haha! Then I have to be….well, never mind that! 🙂 Much love to you, too!

      1. It’s a great advice you shared with me. My mum says the same that she can’t believe I am 20 and that she can’t forget the baby in the labor room. Well, Mums are mums!

        So much love to you And your family,

    1. I know you can relate, Chris! I wrote this so long ago and it’s simply written but more about how I feel being their mother than awesome poetry. 🙂 Thank you also for your beautiful words about them. We’re very proud but there are times when I reach for that manual only to find it doesn’t exist :)…love and hugs, my friend! xo

    1. Thanks, Scott! I’m sure you can relate, too, having a beautiful daughter yourself. This poem isn’t meant to be fancy, just feelings from the heart of a parent. 🙂 Have a great week, my friend…

  2. This was so beautifully written, made me to miss my mother so much- she is quite far from where I live now. I can’t constitute my emotions to present in words- I’m just a simple 19 year old guy. Unlike other comments from caring mothers, I can only relate this poem to my feelings. Thanks a lot for these beautiful lines Lauren 🙂

    1. Thanks, Renee, and yes, the time flies and I can’t believe they’ll both soon be in their 20’s; no more teens in the family. I must be getting old but I’m in denial. 🙂 Love and hugs, my friend..

  3. Oh Lauren Dear!I’m wiping away a tear now … I found all I want to say in your tender and sweet poem,you made me a happier mum.Many Happy Returns ~ Happy Birthday to both of them,and you,always standing by their side no matter how old they are!Love & kind thoughts your way 🙂 ❤ xxx

    1. Aww, I’m glad my words could make you a happier mum, Doda! Isn’t it surreal and fun to look back into the days of them being little and dependent on us and so innocent? It’s cliche, but it does feel like yesterday…their birthdays are in May and Sept. so I’m a little early, but still, I’ll no longer have teens! Yikes! And yes, my hubby and I will stand by them no matter how old they are and I assume any parent would do that. 🙂 Sending much love your way and have a wonderful week! ♥ xoxo

      1. My hubby and I do the same dear Lauren;it is not easy if we want to be really good and supportive parents in all phases of their lives … Thank you for responding and for your beautiful thoughts ! Have an enjoyable weekend with your family 🙂 ♥ xxx

  4. Lauren, such a sweet poem. When they’re little we think they’ll be that way for a long time, but they grow so quickly. Happy Birthday to you son and daughter. My oldest will be 43 in April, but it seems just yesterday he was small.

    1. Thanks, Michelle, and it does feel like they’ll be little forever, I agree. Thanks for the birthday wishes and Happy Birthday to your son, too! It’s amazing how they grow older and we stay the same? Heehee ♥

  5. What a beautiful tribute. Your children will value this poem when they are grown, have families of their own and remember fondly the love and care you lavished on them which they are then to pass along to their own children.

    1. Thanks so much, Ian, and I think my children will treasure this poem when they’re older. At least I hope so. 🙂 They do know how much they are loved by both their parents and that is what counts…

  6. Such beautiful tender words for your lovely children, Lauren. I especially love this:
    “I want to protect you
    from harm,
    shelter you from evil,
    yet, life will bring
    meant only for you”

    XO ❤

  7. authormercedes

    Brought tears to my eyes. Keep this to show them when they’re teenagers and they lose sight of what’s really important: family.

    1. Thanks so much! I will keep this for them and I believe they know that family is what matters most in life. Hopefully, as they grow more into adulthood they’ll treasure this just as much, too…

  8. So lovely Lauren. As parents we experience this transition in life. In some respects we are anxious for their growing up, their maturity and ultimately their self-sufficiency and independence, yet, when that time comes and they venture out to live their own life, take on the world…we are saddened in a good way. Where did all those years go? My boys are now 26 & 30 years.

    1. Thanks, Don, and I fully agree with you; anxious for them to grow and then saddened when they’re on their own. Our daughter is 23, due to graduate with her BA in June. Then what? She’s trying to figure that out now…our son (19) is still at home going to community college and will transfer next year to a university. It’s hard when they leave..ugh, especially for their Mom, I think. I’m so emotional and yet, they need to spread their wings…:)

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