Time to put my feet up

Hi All,

It’s that time again…time to put my feet up
or I should say “recess from social media.”
All is fine, but I need a breather from the computer.
I’ve taken a few in the past and I know most of us come
to the same conclusion at some time in our “blogging careers.” 🙂

I’m not sure how long, but it could last through the holidays
where I’d return in January 2015. So if that happens,
I send wishes for a Happy Halloween,
many blessings at Thanksgiving,
a wonderful holiday season, Merry Christmas
and a Happy and Safe New Year!

But before I go, I just want to thank you all again
for your wonderful visits and feedback,
for your continued support that
encourages me to keep writing from the heart.
I will always remain humble and appreciative.

With much love and virtual hugs and Cheers!

Lauren ♥


36 thoughts on “Time to put my feet up

  1. Good for you, Lauren! Enjoy your computer free time, and all of the holidays. If I don’t see you here this year, I’ll catch you in 2015.
    Much love and hugs xoxo ♥

  2. Steve

    Lauren, I hesitated on the ‘like’ button; because how can we ‘like’ the thought of you being away from the blogosphere. I hope you have a wonderful relaxation and fantastic holidays.

  3. You know I understand. Will miss your lovely posts, but sure I will ‘see’ you and your beautiful heart and spirit around. Blessings to you and those who are so dear to you, {{{Lauren}}}. XO ❤

  4. I hope you have had a great Thanksgiving Lauren.. I know I am late here… But know I so understand the need for time out with family.. Enjoy your break and Holiday Season with family..
    Love and Blessings See you when you arrive 🙂 Sue xxx

  5. Thought of you this morning Lauren, hope all is well. You’ve been missed. If you aren’t back at your blog by Christmas, I wish you a very happy holiday and all the good things in the New Year! Take care and hugs, G 🙂

  6. Thank you all for your wonderful, caring and loving wishes for my much needed break. It’s been maybe a month and a half and now it’s time to come back! 🙂 I’ve missed your posts and will slowly get into the blogging routine. I hope you’ve all been well and I send you much love and many hugs! Lauren xo

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