Oh, life, what is your plan for me?
Over the horizon is shadowy, dark
I cannot see that which you convey
through the torrential rain and strong 
winds, thus, I hold fast to hope in the 
sunshine when it smiles down on me
I close my eyes soaking in its warmth
but I will not throw stones when its
embrace loosens and I fall to the floor
Then I am broken, you know that, yet
even trying to stand on tiny shards of
pieces of me, I won’t stumble again
For you are a gift, indeed, though
you are not made only of daffodils
and daisies in a soft, plush meadow
nor do you each day delight in music
that makes our bodies move
Oh, life, you are a mystery beyond
any human’s ability to perceive

Lauren Scott © 2014

24 thoughts on “Existence

    1. What a nice thing to say, Virginia, thanks so much! The weekend was great and now Monday has arrived! So I wish you a wonderful start to your week and I can say the same about your writing, recipes and photography! Hugs to you!

  1. Lauren, your poetry gets better and better.. I loved this line.. “Then I am broken, you know that, yet even trying to stand on tiny shards of pieces of me, I won’t stumble again”.. This line speaks of such strength and such pain.. Wonderful words… 🙂 xxx Hugs

  2. Beautiful Lauren! Ive stopped asking life all those questions now and simply try (not always successfully) to live in the day. Life is a mystery and would we be better off if we could solve it? Im not sure. I do know that if we didnt have negatives thrown at us we wouldnt be able to experience the joy either as we wouldnt recognise one without the other. But sometimes life doesnt seem fair, but then who said it would be? Oh goodnes! Youve really got me going with this one Lauren!! 😊❤ xx

    1. I have done the same, although, a friend of mine brought up “the meaning of life” the other day, which inspired this poem…I don’t think I’d want to know what the future holds, even though at times, I wish I knew. I’m sure that made perfect sense! 🙂 I also agree with what you said about the negatives allowing us to experience the joy, as well! It’s funny how certain topics have a way of rolling out the thoughts and words…thanks for your insight and complement, Chris! Love and hugs to ya! xo

    1. “The meaning of life” became the topic of conversation awhile ago, which inspired this poem. But I honestly don’t think I’d want to know all the answers right now (maybe some, though :)). I agree with you, too, about its contrasts making it vivid and purposeful. I love your choice of words, Diane! And thank you for your lovely complement, too! xoxo

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