Three Strikes

Your words form a pattern
offering no semblance of
connectivity and their tone is
uninviting. Repetition takes the
lead and the cadence in your
syllables lacks originality.

They say that love is blind
and my eyes validate their
Tomorrow the sky
will be blue, but not my heart.
I shall buy new specs, for their
effect has weakened over time.

It would seem after all the warm
summer nights, sipping iced tea
with joined hands; after all the
cups of coffee shared at sunrise,
our love would be stronger than
the caffeine consumed by us.

I’d rather not witness more
alphabet rolling off your tongue.
The consonants only match the
stubble on your chin and the vowels,
well, they’ve no place to land, for I’m
no longer wearing the catcher’s mitt.

Lauren Scott © 2013

36 thoughts on “Three Strikes

    1. Thanks so much, Charlene, I love that you caught what I was trying to convey! This wasn’t one of my “nicer” poems, but I’m sure we’ve all been lied to before and have been hurt by the betrayal…thanks again, my friend! xo

      1. No worries about the poem not being uplifting Lauren! None at all; Im all for writing about the darker things too; I was given such advice by a blogging friend who is a publisher. She actually said to me when I told her I didnt know whether I should post some of my poems. She said “never be afraid to write about and share the dark stuff; its part of life” ❤ Xx

      2. Thanks, Chris, and I agree…writing comes from the heart and sometimes, the heart hurts from life’s realities…over the weekend, “lies” came to mind and how many of us could relate to betrayal and these sarcastic words came to mind. 🙂

  1. Hi Lauren! Love this! Especially the part with the warm summer nights… !!
    Sending you positive and warm vibes. This afternoon I tanned… it’s November and it felt like it was summer. How cool is that?

    1. Thanks so much, Cha! I thought of “lies” and was inspired! lol I appreciate the vibes and send some back to you, too! Today has been the coolest day, otherwise, it’s felt more like summer here, too! Glad you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather! Hugs!

    1. Aww…thanks, Suzy, I’m glad you liked the little bit of sarcasm! 🙂 I wonder who can relate? I may do a recording on SoundCloud, but we’ll see…Thanks for stopping by, while on your break, and I hope you enjoy your time! xx

    1. You brought a smile to start my day, too funny! Well, I have written some other “darker” poems, but you may have missed those…this poem has nothing to do with those, but they are inspired by some bad news we received a year ago. That cloud still looms over us, so occasionally, a poem is born. Over the weekend, I was thinking about how often people are lied to and these words came to mind. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate your comment, too! 🙂

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