Gasping for air
with my head under water
lungs on the verge
of exploding

I’m in orbit
heading into a world
of other dimensions
where gravity
has no bearing

but stubbornness
can be a positive thing
because I have no plans
for drowning

In fact, I see a tiny speck
of light, touching
the sparkling surface
and I wonder now,
how long its been there

I’ll be alright
I’ll be alright

It’s a vital collaboration
between mind and limbs
in order for broken pieces
to be repaired
for me to begin again

and even with tears
trailing down my face
their cool embrace
brings joy

where I once felt pain

Lauren Scott © 2013
Photo: Google Images

(a little fiction; a little not)

34 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Lauren, this piece is so deep for me! This past weekend, I attended the funeral of my husband’s cousin. I have seen respiratory and heart disease claim many of the lives of my in-laws as well as some of my own relatives. and they dealt with it with amazing spiritual strength and dignity so these words relate so closely to the situation and are extremely touching…beautiful work! ❤

    1. Oh, Charlene, I’m so sorry about your loss and for what you’ve gone through, but I’m glad my words were able to touch you deeply, my friend. You know I also appreciate your very kind words. Many hugs…

      1. You’re welcome Lauren and thanks for your condolences. I love the way you conveyed the beauty of relief after a difficult time due to ‘stubbornness’. Your use of analogies from beginning to end were awesome, howbeit quite real and uplifting for me. 🙂 ((hugs))

  2. Reminds of Dylan Thomas – “rage against the dying of the light.” It is just my personal opinion but this poem is quite a step up from love poems. That’s what I tried to express some time ago.

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  4. Something I have learnt over recent years is that even when we have the bad times something beautiful always comes out at the end, whether its a new lesson learnt or whether its appreciating the small things or just appreciating what we have.

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