Life is sometimes nonsensical
If we’re not crying, we’re hysterical
trying to fit puzzle pieces together
trudging through stormy weather

Rose colored glasses don’t exist
and if they do, there must be a twist
to understanding the “todays,”
without eyes that are glazed

But I say we keep slogging
with a little bit of blogging
We’ll know when the pieces fit
and we’ll be proud of all the GRIT!

LScott © 2013
Photo: Google Images

I hope you enjoyed this bit of fun and inspiration
and I always appreciate your visits, likes and comments.
Happy Thursday, too! ♥

39 thoughts on “Gumption

  1. IF we didn’t have the Gumption to laugh as the world cries as many turn blind eyes seeing only views through their own Rose coloured glasses Lauren, I don’t know how we would get through our days.. But one thing that helps see us through is our blogging community.. Very well put together, and just coming from a post about the Government shut downs in the USA…. I think some of those in office could so with some True Grit to use some Gumption in their decision making

    Love and Laughter sent your way
    Big Hugs
    Sue xox

    1. I agree with all you said, Sue, and also about our gov’t shutdown! Cheers to True Grit and Gumption! Thanks so much for your comment!

      Sending Big Hugs, love and laughter to you, too! I’ll be visting you later, also! ♥

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