Have you seen my brain?
I lost it in the rain
possibly on the train
but it could be
with the lonely sock
all colored with chalk
Maybe in the dog house
with the frantic mouse
Oh, where could it be?
This is so silly
Do you have a hint
and should we sprint
to beat the clock
or can we walk?
I think I’ll shout
without a doubt
as loud as I can
so people can hear
and help me plan
just what to do
to find my brain
I need a clue!

LScott © 2013

Have you had a day like this?


48 thoughts on “Absentminded

  1. I’m reading the comments. Now we are all brilliant people. Why oh why are we losing our brain. An expert told me it is because as we get older we have soo much in our brain. Now that is reassuring!! Virginia

  2. This is such a fun one and I can definitely relate! Brains are probably overrated anyway. I love the feeling of laughing at yourself in this. As long as we keep laughing at ourselves, we’ll be entertained anyway.

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