Out of Our Hands

Beautiful Blooms June 2011 006

Life’s events
stun and surprise us
some lovely and wonderful
others filled with sadness

Though we search and try
with all of our might
questions remain
with no answers in sight

So we cast our burdens
Let Him carry us through
for only He knows best
in everything we do

We watch our worries
fall to the floor
and feel freedom at last
with no thoughts at war

Our minds are at ease now
a breath of fresh air
Moving forward again
In our pocket, a prayer

 Lauren Scott © 2013

24 thoughts on “Out of Our Hands

      1. You very welcome my friend, praying all is well with you. I have to email you updated. finally got date, its on my birthday, 5.21… Sending love and hugs your way. God Bless 🙂

    1. Great words, Christy, for that’s how I feel sometimes, too, and even though I worry about the outcome, things always work out! Thanks so much for sharing my poem, too! Many hugs!

    1. Thanks, Christine, the photo is old, but I still re-use it and especially like it with these peaceful, faithful poems…I also love that line, but struggle with it, at times…things always work out, if we can only be patient and let them! 🙂 HBL ♥

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