Beautiful Existence (Belated re-post for Earth Day) :)


Flowers bloom
Bees buzz
Red bellied robins sing
just because

Crickets chirp
Frogs croak
Butterflies gracefully float
around the majestic oak

Wind blows
Trees sway
Ladybugs save gardens
hunting their prey

Earth moves
Ocean splashes
Thunder loudly rumbles
while lightning flashes

Nature entertains
abundantly each day
Life’s colors and compositions
God’s gifts we praise

© LScott 2012
(including photo)

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24 thoughts on “Beautiful Existence (Belated re-post for Earth Day) :)

  1. Lovely! These two lines are my favourites…

    “Red bellied robins sing
    just because”

    It seems Mother Earth gives us great bounty unconditionally… just because… without request of return. But one day, I hope we, as a race, will understand the consequences of not understanding Her, and live in harmony again.
    Lovely post, Lauren. xoxo

  2. This has a great whimsical spring feeling. I love how it starts out with flowers and bees and then zooms out to Earth and the ocean. Every day should really be Earth Day – happy day! 🙂

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