Smile :) (re-post)

Just when you think
all is worked out
A wrench is thrown in
creating new doubt

Your mind is befuddled
Your breathing sporadic
Bitterness comes a knockin’
Life becomes problematic

But don’t think you’re incapable
of crawling through the haze
Don’t think you’ve exhausted
all the feasible ways

Even though life’s been
a true humdinger
In your dark and sour mood
You must not linger

Get up, dust off
Stop your yammerin’
or you’ll start your family
and friends all a clamorin’

Does absolutely no good
to frequently niggle, so
when you’re feelin’ down,
form a grin and try a giggle!

(This is an oldie
from February of last year,
but I thought we all could use
a smile today! )

© LScott 2012

43 thoughts on “Smile :) (re-post)

      1. Lauren, thank you for your lovely reply. I may well email you sometime for a chat, but I do t want to impose my troubles upon you when you have more than enough of your own. But maybe we will be able to help each other.

        Love and hugs

  1. Hi Lauren,

    You have given me the smile I needed. Having very much an off day with this damn MS. It stops me doing so much that I want to do.

    On days like this I have to gather all my blessings (and I have many) and cuddle them tight to save my sanity. Sorry for the rant 🙂

    Love and hugs

    Christine xxx

    1. Oh, Christine, I’m so sorry you’re having a bad day; I wish I could give you a real hug, but I’m glad I gave you a smile and remember, I’m here anytime if you need to talk. Either here or via email, seriously, okay? Sending lots of hugs and smiles your way, my friend! xoxo

    1. Yes, it is true, and we experienced something life changing in October, Carl, which is why I disappeared for three months. But now I can move on even though the news still lingers and we take one day at a time…I hope you’re doing well, too!

  2. Lauren- this is great that you brought this up, especially at this time when the world is going crazy. We all have to think positive and hope
    and pray that all will be well> Much love, Dad

  3. Julie Catherine

    Hey, you been peeking inside my head? LOL! Seriously, loved reading this and it not only made me smile … I giggled! Hehehe. Love and hugs to you, dear Lauren! ~ Julie 🙂 xoxox

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