We race with the hands
of the clock on the wall

usually in last place

like a slow, dragging crawl

 Everything must be now
instant gratification

when we should slow down

and feel appreciation

 Maybe what we’re waiting for
isn’t meant to be

It’s all in the timing

and not all about “we”

 If you’re a believer
it’s really up to Him

and what His plan entails

not just our personal whim

So exhale a little slower
demonstrate some tolerance

It’ll all come together

with just a bit of patience

© LScott

Photo is of Copper on our recent hike.
He was so patient, waiting for me
to take some pictures~



47 thoughts on “Endurance

    1. I’m not quite sure how to respond to your comment. I didn’t mean to make you more upset. This is meant to inspire and truthfully, I need to heed my own words, too~ I pray they were helpful, if only in a small way~xx

  1. reneeboomer

    What a beautiful poem Lauren! Copper is sure growing! I bet he is a terrific walking companion for you. You are right, your poem, Granbee’s post and my post do run parallel. Maybe “great minds do think alike” tee hee. Hugs. Have a wonderful day. Renee 🙂

    1. Yes, he is and I was so amazed at how well he just sat there, waiting to hear a critter move! He’s pretty well trained and we often wonder what his earlier puppy months were like, but he has a good home now! Thanks, Rose! 🙂

  2. This is so lovely, Lauren…and and excellent reminder to remain patient.
    Copper and my dogs are wonderful little helpers to remind us of that too.
    Love and Hugs xx

    1. Good question, but for me, it seems that we’re all in a hurry. Life is just hurried through these days and we need to slow down and enjoy every precious moment (before our time runs out)! 🙂

  3. Julie Catherine

    It makes a huge difference when we slow down and begin to live in the moment – and to appreciate that being here is a gift, whatever each day holds … I’m still learning to do that …. Wonderful words, Lauren. ~ Love and hugs, Julie xoxox

  4. Caddo Veil

    Oh, that Patience thing–I so wish I could take it in tablet form, with the rest of my vitamins!! God bless you, Lauren.

  5. We two always live in the belief that things happen the way they’re supposed to happen–and then we figure out how to fit our lives around them. But you say it so much more eloquently! Lovely.

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